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Veronica Belmont


  • July 21, 1982
  • Connecticut

Veronica Belmont (aka Taco Belmont / Big Daddy Belmont) is currently the hosts of both Qore (a monthly interactive magazine


about the PS3 for Sony) and Tekzilla (a weekly tech help and how-to show on She also writes bi-weekly columns for MaximumPC and DoubleX.

Appears in Episode 74 and Episode 92.

Notable Facts:

Veronica hates the "Ernest" movie series and therefore hates being called "Vern"

Chris Antista began idolizing Veronica the moment he became a "big boy" and stopped wearing diapers at age 15.

Has the power to give Chris Antista the Achilles Boner.

If you don't know spaghetti cat, Get The Fuck Out!

She also has abnormally large (or misshapen) size 9 feet.


Will be paid in pizza if she writes a Top 7 for GamesRadar. Preferably in sausage and peppers.

First used the F-bomb in Episode 74

Has been reported to burp like a mule