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Tyler Nagata


  • May 16th, 1980
  • Honolulu, Hawaii


GamesRadar PC Editor


Hybrid between Zerg and Japanese

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Tyler "TnaG" Nagata is the only PC editor at GamesRadar. He is usually mentioned in the Podcasts as T-Nag. Tylers Nagata and Wilde together make up TNT.

He has appeared on episodes 46, 97, 104, 107, 109, 112, 131, 134, 138, 141 and 152.

Grew up in Honolulu as a little kid. He idolized his older brother, who is 10 years his senior. Tyler rode the backs of sea turtles when he arrived on the West Coast of America.

He is the token Asian at Gamesradar. Because Tyler is a Japanese person from Hawaii, he allows Chris to use the gong noise on him whenever he states correct facts, or to poke fun at other Japan Japanese people's Engrish. The gong sound effect is now slowly becoming his equivalent to Mikel's Current Affair *breeeeeerubong* noise.

When he isn't writing articles for GamesRadar he's helping Senior Wildlife Editor, B. Buttercup translate his hoof taps and whinnies into words for articles; Buttercup has difficulty typing without fingers, and Tyler is the only GR staff member who understands equine mannerisms.

According to Carolyn Gudmundson on Pokemon Monday Episode 26, Tyler owns a Neo-Geo cabinet with the game "Money Idol Exchanger", which Chris Antista has become moderately proficient it.

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