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Talk Radar The King

Audio from the King of Norway segment in Episode 49

Kind Herald V of Norway
King of Norway movie

Picture by Batman5273

Norwegian King of Names

Picture by Graboids

The Norwegian King of Names (and Cartoons)
is considered by most TDards to be the greatest fictional character on the podcast and has voice similar to that of James Mason. The King has appeared on TalkRadar 49 and later on the 2009 Christmas Special where the segment is replayed. If it wasn't for the King of Norway declining a 10 year old boy's request of changing his name to Sonic X, 5 minutes of pure comedy gold might not have happened. The King of Norway never goes anywhere without a soundboard full of magic sound effects. He uses these sound effects to change the names of things.

Things that were Renamed by the King:

  • Minneapolis - Bonertown
  • Mikel Reparaz - Liu Kang Reparaz (After being denied the name "47")
  • Wolverine - Catboy
  • Shane Patterson - Roxas Reparaz
  • Brett Elston - K.K. Slider (After being denied the name "Brett Belmont")
  • The Royal Beast - Sir Lion of Tiger
  • Weiss (The floating book from Nier) - Pierce Brosnan
  • Final Fantasy VI - pimpleface
  • Mega Man II renamed to Buttsman
  • Henry Gilbert - Super Mario 3 - "I dub thee Hank!"
  • Command & Conquer Red Alert - "David Hasselhoff"
  • Gabriel Knight - Gabriel Gout
  • Bubble Bobble - Baron von Blubbest
  • Starcraft - "I dub thee a game I have yet to play."
  • Psychonauts - "The Schafer Schafer"
  • Earthbound - Mother 4
  • Planetside - Sony Online Entertainment now calling Blizzard.
  • Forum user Johnny Applesperm - Piss Shittilis
  • Duke Lombardi - Lord Duke the Baron

The King and Duke Lombardi can not speak to each other for unknown reasons. Believe it or not, but the King can turn a random beer bottle into a Rocket Ship, as well as having a lion that wears a crown, refered to as "The Royal Beast"

The King made his triumphant return in TalkRadar 99, and reappeared in TalkRadar 110. The King fniished the 6 hour epic of Talkradar 100 by renaming the entire GamesRadar staff.

TalkRadar Clip 'o the Week: The Norwegian King of Names

Words: Chris Antista, GamesRadar US

By far, the most popular TalkRadar bit of all time. Unfortunately, it’s hard to bring The Good King back for any other reason, since this improvised piece relates to a very specific, extremely bizarre news story that nobody remembers.

So, some dumbass kid in Norway wanted to change his name to “Sonic X,” after some dumbass hedgehog that used to star in great games. Whereas here in the states such a query would’ve been abruptly met with a “No.” or “Shut up” from a loving parent or guardian, Norwegian policy apparently dictates that only the KING OF GODDAMNED NORWAY is fit to yay or nay the idiotic requests of its young subjects. No seriously, this happened! We couldn’t help but envision a bored, powerless monarch with nothing better to do than shoot down the asinine whims of children and things just got funnier from there…

Jul 29, 2010


Brett: News!
Talkradar king of names by firagashark-d426wlv

By MrSuitMan

Chris:I have news. Speaking of uh politics, and you know we love doing this, this is one of my favorite stories, possibly of the entire podcast. uh, Norwegian king denies a child his request of having his name changed to Sonic X. There is some many things about this- no NOOO

Mikel: You'll thank me later son

Chris: His name "Krister" uh, how do you say that in Norwaygian?

Shane: I don't know

Mikel: I think it's pronounced "chhgchhchg"

Chris: Requested to have his name changed to Sonic X, not Sonic, not Sonic EX, Sonic, big capital X

Shane: Sonic Ten? (As in roman numeral X)

Chris: His parents never got back to him, he's like, "mom, dad, didn't you mail my letter?" and it's like "oooh, ok it's your birthday." Mail the letter off. The king responds, denies his request, and I love the idea. We saw that Disney cartoon Education for Death. Appealing to your king to change your name... seems incredibly weird!

King: Oh yes, what? Brett Elston? You want to be called what? Brett Belmont? Denied!

[sound effect]

King: Does anybody have anymore requests for your king? Mikel Reparez!

Mikel: He's just scribbling that with a flourish with a giant plume pen.DENIED, BLAUH

Brett: What is this Sonix?

Chris: I actually have my king sound effect.

King: Who has a sound? Who has a name to bring forth to the king?

[baby laughter]

King: We'll move on, Mikel Reparez, what would you like Mikel: the the king is James Mason?

King: Yes. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea...

Shane: Do you have the gong?

King: I don't

Mikel: God dammit, why don't you get the fucking gong?

King: We cancelled it, request a name Shane Patterson from a video game

Brett: Sound like fuckin... sounds like fuckin wheezydoor

King: Let me have this

Shane: Roxas

King: Roxas? The king considers Roxas

Shane: Roxas Reparaz?

Brett: Roxas Reparaz?

King: Approved. Your name is now Roxas, Shane Patterson. Brett Elston, would you like bring forth a name at the knees of the king?

Brett: Sir, sir, I would love to be known as as meager KK Slider

King: KK Slider, the king mulls it over with great thought

[magic sound effect]

King: YES, you have become KK Slider

Shane: Is the king a wizard as well?

King: Yes, king of cartoons

mikel reparez, what would you like your name to be

uh, I should like to be known henceforth as 47

47? timothy olyphant. considering it


I'm going to need another try mikel reparez give me one more name

uuh, liu kang

that is the absolute best name this king has ever heard

[magic sound efect]

you are now liu kang reparez

did you have a septer and willam?

yes. would you like to glide home on a flying pumpkin?

[magic sound effect]

there you go

shit my head hurts

I will now turn your beer bottle into a rocket ship

[magic sound effect]

now have the king talk to duke lombardi

deuk, lobardi, eeeeuguguhug. it is too much isn't it

isn't it duke duke lombardi?

duke duke!, he's lord duke lombardi

lord duke the baron

yes, ombudsman duke.

norweigian king fetch me a dream

oh, lets trasition

[magic sound effect]

love those buttons,

baron lombardi

because I am the king!

the earl duke lombardi of baron count

of cheesevile

henceforth known

as boner town


you are no longer minneapolis. henceforth will be known as boner town

ok, please, my fucking face hurts

dos thow anybody have anymore requests for your king

what was the story about

the king of norway is denying children names, brett elston

what a fucking tyranical

brett elston

that's like the fucking. that's afairy tale

I am the king I must mull over every little detail

would you like to change the name of your headline?



so says the king, so say we all.

I can't breath

damn this royal blood of mine

heavy wears the crown. I get to say that in the [mumbles]

the heavy is the head that wears the crown sir


you're no you are no king sir!

yes. I am so inbred

my blood be gasoline

oh, you all will never see the tears I am wiping off my face right now

oh my god I can't feel my nose

it is time to feed the royal BEAST!

[lion sound effect]

and we must move onto

imagine a lion iwth a crown on it

he was, he was in Bedknobs and BroomSticks.BY THE WAY THE KING'S FAVORITE MOVIE!

[sound effect]


SIR LION OF TIGER! I can change the name of anything

only found on betamax!

what power

the king's untimate power is to change the name of anything

wolverine shall now be known as catboy.

cat boy is-

ok everybody's tired now

oh my throat


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