Skits and comedy segments that played in Break

All skits and comedy segments that played in break.

Episode 5 1st Break Metal Gear (sounds like it was from Newgrounds)

Episode 7 All breaks and closing George Carlin stand up material

Episode 9 1st Break Stand up about old arcade videogames

Episode 18 1st Break Dr. Steve Brule

Episode 20: 1st Break Mario Virtousity (made by Brett Elston)

Episode 24: Mr.Show 24 is the Highest Number

Episode 25: 1st Break GTA Vice City Knife after Dark

Episode 26: 2nd Break Sarcastic Gamers commercial on Wii Fit

Episode 27: 2nd Break GTA San Andreas Exhorbio

Episode 28 2nd Break CUBE

Episode 31: G4 Grains of War

Episode 32: 1st Break Brucie's Autos GTA IV

Episode 33: 1st Break GTA IV commerical the Cursebuster

Episode 34: Robot Chicken PaRappa the Rappa

Episode 35: Mega 64 on Closing of EGM

Episode 36: 1st Break Daily Show on GTA San Andreas

Episode 37: 1st Break GTA IV Brucie's Autos again

Episode 38: Louis being sexed by Francis and Bill.

Episode 40: Whitest Kids U Know 1st Break

Episode 41: Mr. Show Andrew Lloyd Webber Rap the Musicial

Episode 42: Commander Shepard Biggest Prick in the Galaxy

Episode 43: 2nd break Doug Stanhope on Myspace and pedophiles

Episode 46: The Onion: Are Post Apocalyptic Games preparing our kids for the future?

Episode 47: Collegehumor We didn't start the Flame War

Episode 48: World of Warcraft Intervention

Episode 51: 2nd Break GTA San Andreas the Epilson Program

Episode 53: SNL skit Disney Vault

Episode 54: Italians protesting Mario Bros stereotypes.

Episode 62: The State Tieing shoes, Jerks, Tenement with no cursing.

Episode 63: Metal Gear Jawsome

Episode 64: Some lame podcast or something with 4 guys with Bible characters and videogames

Episode 66: Monkey and Apple: Dark Knight Interrogation sketch

Episode 70: SNL Disney Vault

Episode 71: GTA San Andreas Chris Formage the Epilson Program

Episode 72: Collegehumor Starfox 64, Rock Band Oasis sketch

Episode 74: WKUK Peeing on Leg, Collegehumor Ocarina of Time sketch

Episode 75: GTA IV Brucie's Autos, Republican Space Rangers

Episode 76: Frank Caliendo Dungeon Master 2nd Break

Episode 77: The Onion MW3

Episode 79: Kids in the Hall sketch Rickashaw. The Onion Stupid piece of Shit

Episode 81: Collegehumor Tetris sketch

Episode 84: Montage of Conan O' Brien on the Tonight Show. Andy Richter Assassins Creed II, and Super Mario World backdrop.

Episode 85: Patton Osowalt on G-Rated sex words

Episode 87: Collegehumor Mario and Sonic

Episode 90: mc chris Gamespot event Kingdom Hearts II and Resident Evil 4.

Episode 91: SNL Norwegian Actor Playhouse Studio, 1:55:58 some RPG comedy skit.

Episode 93: Battlefield Bad Company 2 F.R.A.G.S., COD 4 FAGS

Episode 94: Collegehumor Mario and Luigi

Episode 95: Kids in the Hall sketch Louie/ Last Supper

Episode 97: Ballad of Gay Tony Anime thing, Antista modified Gears of War 3 reveal trailer

Episode 99: Hakan and Juri fucking

Episode 102: TalkRadar Original Sketch The King and the Architect

Episode 103: Nick Swardson

Episode 104: Drunk History Tesla

Episode 105: TalkRadar Original Sketch Henry Wake pt. 1 & pt. 2

Episode 107: Chris Antista's E3 2011 Press Conference reveal of BAWWL

Episode 108: Super Pluckio Brothers

Episode 109: Crackdown by egoraptor

Episode 121: TalkRadar Original Sketch the Scary Scary Forest

Episode 123: Civilization 5 Letters to the Front Lines

Episode 127 Collegehumor Mario Roast

EPisode 130: SNL Disney Vault

EPisode 133: Wikiparez and the Burger Bandit, King and the Architect Sketch

Episode 134: Christian Finnegan

EPisode 136: Lazer Time with Tyler Wilde and GTA IV Weasel News

Episode 137: Lazer Time with Tyler Wilde

EPisode 147: MK vs. DC porno, Sub Zero and Shao Khan sketch

Episode 152: 3DS Chris and Tyler

Episode 154: L.A. Noire Monologue and interrogation

Episode 156: Lazer Time with Tyler Wilde

Episode something:

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