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Seth Killian is a reoccurring guest host on the TalkRadar podcast. He appears in Episodes 17, 45, 72, 86, and 139 . He is the community manager for Capcom, and a professional Street Fighter. He has a strong tie in politics knowing influential figures like Ambassador Blanka. He looks identical to Dr. Manhattan but cares more about fighting with his fists than his amazing time bending skills. He teleports constantly though and may shoot you out of his chest.

College Years[]

He went to the University of Illinois where there was a lot of partying and math. He has a PhD philosophy but couldn't get a job at a philosophy company much to the shame of his advisor, Dan Hibiki. Spending much of the summers hustling arcades on the east coast, he managed to accumalate over $9000 playing Street Fighter, avoiding actual street fights only by using Dhalism's teleportation.

Professional Fighting Years[]

Seth Killian was inspired after watching Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon, he decided to sponsor a great fighting tournament called EVO which is the largest fighting tournament in the world, where people from all over the world from over 120+ countries compete. However he uses this as a front for world domination where he can harness the power of all the fighters. Street Figher IV single player is essentially Seth's future plans for Capcom and the world in the next 10 years.


PR Blunders[]

  • In his first appearance in episode 17, he indirectly announced that Dead Rising 2 was being made. Unfortunately he couldn't keep his mouth shut about the Capcom Laser being pointed at Gamesradar, which confirmed Dead Rising 2.
  • In episode 45, he referred to Bionic Commando and Dark Void as "looking great." This confirms Seth Killian is either a liar or a man who has never played a video game before. Or sometimes Capcom does point the laser beam at its own employees.
  • In episode 86, he said Capcom was no way responsible for the Legend of Chun Li. Asked on thoughts of the movie he replied "Who could forget that abortion scene."

Episode 45[]

When he isn't secretly building the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen, he is quite the music savant. He exposed Matsya Matsura the Pa Rappa the Rappa and the Major Minor's Majestic March (steaming puddle of shit, but also Chris' choice game to insert wii motes to) in TalkRadar 45 that they ripped the 2nd stage from a German Kraut Rock band Can.

Episode 72[]

Did appear.

Episode 86[]

Much like Garth from Wayne's World, Seth has a sexual attraction to Bugs Bunny when he dresses up as a woman. This has led Seth to purchasing many pet rabbits and dressing them as women. Fortunately we know that Seth does not know how to have sex and instead performs multiple Sonic Booms on the rabbits until they die. One is usually enough.

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