Scott (middle) showing his hatred for orange juice flanked by Chris Antista (left) and Joe McNeilly (right) while they get ready to down those bad boys

Scott Butterworth, a.k.a. "Butters", "Buttersworth, and "Scotty Butthug", is the Assistant editor at Playstation: The Official Magazine. Good friends with the hosts. He has appeared in Episodes 16, 26, 39, 44, 98, 135, and 149.

He hasn't been able to come on episodes lately due to beating hookers, dressing up goats as children and Jews, and starting a Dickensian factory at the Future US parking lot.

Notable Facts:

Has come up with the TalkRadar catchphrase "That's My Penis!" at the end of Episode 26. It was never used again

Thoroughly enjoys giving a thumbs up which can be found in all three of his pictures on the internet (all of which are displayed to the right).

When cycling one day he got into a fight with the sidewalk, ending badly for him, as little did he know that the sidewalk was a blackbelt in the art of asskickery.

Antista Butterworth SFIV banner
Scotty B thumbs up

GR 2010 24 Hour

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