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TalkRadar utilizes a very unique sense of camaraderie, humor and community involvement with the viewers, which has earned the Podcast a niche, yet devoted following. The Podcast combines a high entertainment value with a strong emphasis on community to create a highly desirable and addictive show. And booze.

He can't get enough.

Sound Effects![]

While recording the Podcast on his laptop, Chris also mans a soundboard filled with various sound bites used to advance conversation, shut people up or just make with some good old-fashioned funny. They have used sound effects since episode one, though it was merely a dramatic musical cue, and a second sound (an explosion) was added into the next episode. These sound effects are usually updated weekly and are often confused by Chris (though more often he pretends to confuse them, as they are clearly labeled), much to the humor/chagrin of everyone else in the office.

Booze-fueled Orgy of Drunken Gaming[]

The hosts regularly drink alcohol while recording the show (excepting a few episodes), mainly to make conversation more "interesting" or to help deal with a somewhat-depressing fact they're giving up a night to talk even more about videogames. Of note is episode 21, which was a celebration of their now being of drinking age, 36, where Tyler got munted off his twatter, episode 80 where Brett does the same, and episode 14 for the inclusion, and subsequent spilling, of Cristal, bitches.

Appreciation of the Old and the New[]

Much of the content discussed on the Podcast is of NES, SNES and various 80's and 90's era games, along with anecdotes shared by the hosts being from that time.

Top 7 lists and community segment anecdotes are usually the place where "retro" content is discussed, while the news segment sticks to mainly modern games. The in-depth discussion of retro games and consoles has no doubt introduced teen listeners to these "oldies-but-goodies", but is also a finely presented source of nostalgia for adult listeners.

Nonsensical Humor and Anecdotes[]

Humor in TalkRadar is usually derived in two ways; from pointing out flaws in other groups or, in this case, games, and absurd anecdotes. Though they can be off-collar, slightly offensive, and a bit mean at times, these anecdotes tend to be actually quite hilarious. Anecdotes shared by Chris, Mikel, Brett or Tyler have become infamous among the TDar community due to their absurd nature and alarming frequency.

Bullshit Analytical Observation #5[]

The TalkRadar Podcast is indubitably one of the most cultured, complex and intellectual podcasts on the planet.

"Spawned from the Heavens, absolute brilliance on so many levels!"