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The TalkRadar podcast is typically divided into three separate sections: discussion of the weekly Top 7 article on GamesRadar, a news segment, and a community segment. Currently, the typical run time is between 2 hours and 2 and a half hours, but has been as short as 35 minutes before or can extend to well over 3 hours. The podcast originally prided itself on being less than 1 hour, however after the hosts began to add more sections, the length began to grow.

In 2009, the GamesRadar staff released a series of videos showing how TalkRadar is made, dubbed The Making of TalkRadar.


The very beginning of every podcast begins with audio from some type of reference to videogames in pop culture or TV, usually only a few seconds/minutes long. Sometimes these selections can stray from the usual format to include topical events or miscellaneous comedy bits. At a poignant part of the intro bit, the audio is cut off by Anamanaguchi's Helix Nebula after fading in for a bit, which plays for 26 seconds until the hosts' vioces cut in and the music plays in the background.

Top 7

Every week, usually on a Monday, one member of the GamesRadar staff writes a "Top 7..." article about games. The 7 entries of the article are then discussed by the hosts in ascending order, and the growing need for new ideas is often brought up.

This usually turns into a farce ,especially when the Top 7 has been written by the UK Gamesradar.


There are two breaks total in the podcast, one after the Top 7 and the other after the News Segment. Breaks may include comedy sketches related to videogames, or videogame music, but more often consist of small sound bites or "ads" created to endorse TalkRadar, ironically, to those who already listen.

News Segment

The News Segment is the broadest segment in which a variety of topics may be discussed. Usual topics include Industry news, new game releases, and whatever stories specific editors may want to bring up.

Community Segment

Pronounced: cuh-moo-nih-tee

The Community Segment usually includes discussion of new or existing contests created by the hosts (consisting of listener-created content submitted for a prize), a "Game Deals " segment, and a Question of The Week.


Typically during the show, Chris will say what song is "taking them out" near the very end., then edit it in later. The podcast audio is usually cut directly after a funny or strange quote, sometimes consisting of:

  • Fart jokes
  • Irrelevant vulgarities
  • Psychologically draining "randomness"
  • Pseudo-meaningful quote