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This is a picture of who we're talking about.

Former associate Editor, CheatPlanet.

Paul "My name is Paul Ryan" Ryan was an occasional guest on the podcast where he appeared in TalkRadar 46, 65 and 116

His sense of humor consists entirely of speaking in a slow, monotone voice.

He also gives off the appearance of "having better things to do" by spending his time on the podcast browsing the web and generally not participating in the conversation.

He studied English at Santa Clara University before wandering into the office one day and asking for an internship. Once they gave it to him, he stopped crying and began writing occasional articles for the site.

After about a year of thankless intern-toil, he discovered the lifelong love of cheats that had previously lain dormant inside his heart and was hired on to look after CheatPlanet.

Famous for his monotone voice and hilarious articles, Paul quickly became a fan favorite. His articles on women were very educational and helpful to men as a whole realizing that women need help for pressing a Y button on a Xbox 360 controller.

While he is no longer working directly at GamesRadar he does the occasional freelance and voice overs for videogame tutorials.

Paul is an Aryan douchebag that went to Graduate school somewhere in the east coast and will come back and rule CheatPlanet with an iron fist. His first console was the Xbox 360, and only plays sequels and remakes or possible DS imports if he can borrow someone's DS.

"That's pretty funny."

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