PCN-Gen is a fan-run podcast inspired by TalkRadar. Its regular hosts include the users: ELpork, Zabu_san, and Gunslinger.

Origins of PCN-GenEdit

An idea for a podcast was originally conceived by GamesRadar forum user WiLdFiRe567. The podcast began as a fan-run podcast in which users could give their own personal opinions and thoughts of current events in the GamesRadar forums. Other users in the forums gave positive feedback to this idea which led to a search for a name. It was decided to use the name FanRadar. For a short time, the suffix "For Answer" was added although it was soon removed due to the fact that many would not understand the reference to the game Armored Core: For Answer.

Two episodes of FanRadar were created. The first was simple chatter. The second was a much longer episode featuring Chris Antista.

Other people that appeared on PCN Gen:

  • onewingedantista
  • Turbobison
  • rabbit221