Intro segments played on TalkRadar.

Episode 1: "Welcome to your doom." Altered Beast

Episode 2: "Let's knock them on their asses." Mr. Show

Episode 3: None

Episode 4: "Welcome to your doom." Altered Beast

Episode 5: "Welcome to your doom." Altered Beast

Episode 6: None

Episode 7: George Carlin

Episode 8: Mega Man 2 intro instead of Helix Nebula.

Episode 9: Dark Knight's Joker, "All part of the plan."

Episode 10: Jurassic Park

Episode 11: Donkey Kong: Fistful of Quarters.

Episode 12: The Sopranos

Episode 13: Half-Life 2 Episode 2: Alyx Vance

Episode 14: Something about a game being pyschotropically addictive. Probably from a TV show that knows jacks shit about games.

Episode 15: Dark Knight Batman interrogating Joker.

Episode 16: Mickey Mouse playing a console or something. (The person with a Disney boner should know this).

Episode 17: Charlie Brown.

Episode 18: Simpsons Will Wright.

Episode 19: The Muppet Babies

Episode 20: Batman Forever Jim Carrey.

Episode 21: Back to the Future (2?).

Episode 22: CSI Miami? Axe Murderer Poor use of vidjagarm reference.

Episode 23: Super Pretendo.

Episode 24: Run Ronnie Run.

Episode 25: Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Episode 26: Futurama.

Episode 27: 40 Year old Virgin.

Episode 28: Playing some NHL game in Swingers.

Episode 29: Tracy Morgan 30 Rock "Halo".

Episode 30: Some British TV show mentioning Tomb Raider 3.

Episode 31: Toy Story 2.

Episode 32: Baseketball.

Episode 33: Sarah Silverman show.

Episode 34: Wayne's World.

Episode 35: King Of The Hill.

Episode 36: Animal Crossing news segment attacks the PEDOPHILES!

Episode 37: The Wrestler.

Episode 38: The Wizard.

Episode 39: Demitri Martin.

Episode 40: Ugly Betty.

Episode 41: Super Mario Disco.

Episode 42: Big Bang Theory.

Episode 43: Stephen Fry about the modified DS. From Alex Rider the Movie.

Episode 44: The Matrix.

Episode 45: Guile's amazing motivations speech from Street Fighter the movie.

Episode 46: Electric Dreams.

Episode 47: Venture Bros.

Episode 48: Hudson Hawk (1991 film).

Episode 49: Family Guy.

Episode 50: "Coming soon on video and DVD" intro, then a TalkRadar commercial, ending with "and now our feature presentation.".

Episode 51: Eric Bratcher approving on the podcast.

Episode 52: From movie eXIstenz.

Episode 53: Strangers with Candy.

Episode 54: "It Starts." Lion King.

Episode 55: Something about military flight experience and the guy said he played Ace Combat.

Episode 56: MST3K.

Episode 57: Bill Hicks with Sonic.

Episode 58: Michael Jackson on the Simpsons.

Episode 59: Terminator 2.

Episode 60: Penn and Tellers Bullshit on violent videogames.

Episode 61: Kill Bill Vol. 2.

Episode 62: 30 Rock.

Episode 63: Conan O Brien.

Episode 64: Wargames (1983 movie).

Episode 65: Weeds.

Episode 66: Lawnmower Man.

Episode 67: Dexter.

Episode 68: SouthPark Dreamcast.

Episode 69: Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)

Episode 70: TRON (1982)

Episode 71: Studied birds for videogame animation.

Episode 72: Sonic Boom + audio clips from the Street Fighter show.

Episode 73: Bones.

Episode 74: Venture Bros.

Episode 75: War of the Worlds radio broadcast...

Episode 76: Different Strokes

Episode 77: MW2 No Russian + Bart Simpson laughing.

Episode 78: The Office - Season 3 - Episode 3 (The Coup).

Episode 79: Q-Bert's first Thanksgiving special.

Episode 80: WKRP in Cincinnati voiced by Dan Amrich.

Episode 81: Venture Bros.

Episode 82: Sonic Christmas special.

Episode 83: Death Race (1976 game) commercial.

Episode 84: Seinfeld Frogger.

Episode 85: Funny People.

Episode 86: Something with videogames about being "in the game.".

Episode 87: Cutting staff in half and doubling salaries. PlayStations for everybody. IDk.

Episode 88: Jean Luc Picard talking about the internet.

Episode 89: John Hodgeman.

Episode 90: Smallville

Episode 91: Bill Murray interview on The Late Night Show with David Letterman

Episode 92: Lost Boys.

Episode 93: Guy being overwhelmed because he got vaporized on level 2.

Episode 94: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 Southpark.

Episode 95: Weeds.

Episode 96: My Wife And Kids.

Episode 97: Family Guy Season 8 Episode 16.

Episode 98: Hackers.

Episode 99: Venture Bros.

Episode 100: Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Episode 101: Glee.

Episode 102: The Good The Bad And The Ugly.

Episode 103: Full House Pinball anecdote.

Episode 104: Law and Order Special Victims Unit

Episode 105: Never Say Never Again

Episode 106: Tyler Wilde's Drunken Superman "WEEEEEEE"

Episode 107: Cloak & Dagger (1984)

Episode 108: Rugrats

Episode 109: Are We There Yet?

Episode 110: Mystery Science Theater 3000

Episode 111: The Simpsons

Episode 112: Futurama

Episode 113: Bloodsport

Episode 114: They Live

Episode 115:

Episode 116: Invader Zim - Game Slave 2

Episode 117:

Episode 118: Serial Eperiments Lain

Episode 119: Max Headroom intro

Episode 120: The Departed

Episode 121:

Episode 122: Me and You and Everyone We Kno

Episode 123: Muppets Inside intro

Episode 124: Empire (2002 movie)

Episode 125: The Office

Episode 126: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Episode 127: The Simpsons

Episode 128: Clockers

Episode 129: Community

Episode 130: Naked Gun

Episode 131: Stargate Atlantis

Episode 132:

Episode 133: The Usual Suspects

Episode 134:

Episode 135: The Big Bang Theory

Episode 136: Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Episode 137: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Episode 138: Charlie Brown Valentines Day Special

Episode 139: Captain America

Episode 140: The Last Dragon

Episode 141: Dexter

Episode 142: NCIS

Episode 143: Flight Of The Navigator

Episode 144: Twilight Zone: The Movie

Episode 145: Anamaguchi - Airbrushed

Episode 146: Trailer Park Boys

Episode 147: Mortal Kombat

Episode 148: GlaDOS intro for TalkRadar

Episode 149: Robocop

Episode 150: Counter Strike

Episode 151: Thor: God of Thunder

Episode 152: Parks and Recreation

Episode 153: L.A. Noire

Episode 154: The Mercury Theatre on the Air

Episode 155: Macho Madness interview

Episode 156: The Larry Sanders Show

Episode 157: Roger Rabbit

Episode 158: Duke Nukem 2 Intro

Episode 159: Freaks and Geeks

Episode 160: The Rocketeer

Episode 161: Resident Evil

Episode 162: Wet Hot American Summer

Episode 163: Two Face from Batman Forever

Episode 164: The Hudsucker Proxy

Episode 165: Jurassic Park

Episode 166: The Mandarin from Captain America and The Avengers

Episode 167: Scott Pilgrim

Episode 168: No Holds Barred

Episode 169: Deckard Cain from Diabl

Episode 170: Balrog: Behind the Glory

Episode 171: Opening scene of Planet of the Apes

Episode 172: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Episode 173: Attack the Block

Episode 174: The Ren & Stimpy Show

Episode 175: SNES commercial

Episode 176: None.

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