Nathan Irvine is the captain and champion of the UK podcast.

Born in the gold mines beneath Wiltshire, England, he is the progeny of a shadow-puppet and Optimus Prime.

As seen in the photo here, Nathan often referees games of Dick Jenga between Chris and Brett. This photo was actually taken just before the infamous 'Jenga-spillage' incident of '09. That incident resulted in Nathan being blind in his left eye.

Nathan is a big football (that is, anywhere-but-USA football) fan, and is currently ranked #3 in The Times list of people who love football (behind Gary Lineker and Meatloaf).

He is currently wanted by the British Police on allegations of hustling DIY stores for small change.

A little known fact is that if you gently stroke Nathan's right ear lobe, he will immediately clustershart.

~Nathan is currently undergoing the arduous task of becoming a married man, like Charlie Barratt and Mikel Reparaz have done before him.


  • He often referees games of Dick Jenga between Chris Antista and Brett Elston.
  • Hosts TalkRadar UK.
  • Has an epic afro.
  • Is obsessed with the game Football Manager.
  • Everyone has seen his bollocks. Everyone.
  • Likes puzzle games for girls.
  • Has stolen money from at least one British hardware store.
  • Him and George Walter use gags from time to time.

Games associated with Nathan from the podcastEdit

  • Dragon Quest 8
  • PES/FIFA/Football Manager
  • Streets of Rage
  • God of War

Twitter: @Nathan_Irvine

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