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thumb|300px|right|Radio Morning DJ'sMorning Radio DJs is a reoccuring segment in the TalkRadar podcast. Chris Antista was the first to use the voice minimally to promote contests, and has been used more since some forum user said they sound like morning Radio DJs.

Episodes appeared

  • Episode 9: Promoting Guitar Hero.
  • Episode 31: $5 footlongs first mentioned
  • Episode 33: $5 footlongs with a contest
  • Episode 45: Promoting their new Astro Gaming headsets
  • Episode 47: Promoting the World of Warcraft novel and Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama with a TalkRadar prize van.
  • Episode 52: Taking Back Sunday which was used for promoting Home Depot's products
  • Episode 61: "Top 7 Evil Corporations presented by Subway."
  • Episode 73: "You're listening to Ocelot and the Rapist."
  • Episode 174: Parody of Christian radio station. "You're listening to W-GOD! All the latest news on the apocalypse!"
  • Episode 176 : "Hey, you're listining to Wretch and the Ticker! I'm bombing away your morning."

Voice of Morning DJ's

Need to put ellipses at the end of your words. Emphasize random syllables. For example: "You're goin' to spacecamp in HUNTsville, Alabama!"

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