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Grimm after his devastating chin removal surgery

Howdy cowboy cheeseburger 9/11 Michael Grimm is that guy who used to work for 1UP and Gamesradar. When Chris Antista mentioned Michael Grimm as a former intern (Pre-TalkRadar Episode 32), he said "We don't pay well." He is friends with the hosts and has appeared in Episode 33 100, 110, 138, 139,162, 194 and 195 After "leaving 1UP under unfortunate circumstances" he spiraled down into hard drugs and alcohol, and was about to join the thousands that jumped off the Golden Gate bridge, until GamesRadar offered him a job.

He was an editor at, in charge of the CheatPlanet section. In Episode 100, Michael admitted that alcohol was the best thing about TalkRadar, and he still loves his alcohol.

He could be heard co-hosting GamesRadar's Pokémon Monday podcasts with Carolyn Gudmundson, utilizing his smooth, calm voice to introduce the episode and its topics.

According to Chris Antista, Mike is approximately 6'11.

January 26th, 2012 Mike was one of the 4 people laid off from GamesRadar. He is now back to hard drugs and alcohol like when he left 1UP under unfortunate circumstances.

As of March 30th, 2013, Mike now has a job at Wikia's gaming division. Please don't shut down the TalkRadar Wikia.

Fortunately he uses the depraved state induced by aforementoined achohol and drugs to appear regularly on the Laser TIme Network shows, most notablely VidjaGame Apocalypse of which he is chronically co-hosting.

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