Matt Keast

Matthew Keast has been a guest on Talkradar in episodes Episode 56, Episode 89, Episode 125, and Episode 147. He also appeared for a while in Episode 121 to talk about his Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West reviews.

Matthew Keast has visited Area 51 at least twice according to Episode 89. During that time he was escorted out by an armed helicopter.

Also, he went to a Catholic school where Christian's brothers had a bar and had the arcade game Heavy Barrel.

Matthew Keast, contrary to popular belief, has not been told that you cannot have a boner for Planetscape.

Matthew Keast has worked for LucasArts in the past writing game tutorials as Star Wars Republic Commando.

He loves Predator and the last Predator movies was like a hurricane of diarrhea bukkake in his face.

He told numerous (and scary) ghost stories during TR #125, the Halloween 2010 episode.

Bye Keast will miss you

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