thumb|300px|right|Part one of the documentarythumb|300px|right|Part two of the documentaryIn May of 2009, the TalkRadar hosts released a making-of video of the infamous podcast, narrated by Chris Antista, primarily. Making cameo appearances are Mikel Reparaz, Brett Elston, and Paul Ryan. Charlie Barratt pokes his head through the window in the beginning as well. The video takes place during the creation of Episode 46, due to the hosts posing the question "What's your fondest arcade memory?" They talked a lot about how much of a fucking bitch Lizzie is. in the 3rd segment. The infamous "dog shitting on its own balls" tale is played during this video also.

Part 2 of the documentary consists of the after-cast pizza and beer (with "Cheese Paul" standing in for the real Paul), and then the editing of the cast by Chris and Brett. "Dick Jenga" is also created (by Chris) in Part 2.

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