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Lizzie Cuevas


  • March 20, 1986
  • Bay Area


  • GamesRadar Associate Video Editor


  • Girl

First female to appear on TalkRadar on episode 27. She also has a chiptunes band The Glowing Stars.

Notable Facts:

  • Has tattoos (including the notorious "tramp stamp").
  • Former guitarist of Sputterdoll.
  • Favorite band is Weezer - favorite album is "Pinkerton".
  • Has a Bone.rar for all things Halo 2, and more than anything wishes Master Chief would take her to Bonertown.
  • According to Chris Antista she is 17 years old and 65 lbs. Despite this, she is able to bench several truck loads of 360 power bricks.
  • She is currently on unpaid suspension from GamesRadar and is pursuing income through her FarmVille, surviving on virtual turnips.
  • In Episode 97 it is revealed by Chris Antista that Lizzie has a younger sister that is younger than 17 and
    Lizzie (4).jpg
    weighs less than 65 lbs, and is single. Due to the infomation provided the "I didn't know sh
    e was underage" is not a viable defense, although the "Lizzie told me I could" still works, even if she actually didn't.
  • In TalkRadar 100, Lizzie called Romination a dickhead, and a nerd behind a computer.
  • Is currently Tyler's prize model/showgirl for the GamesRadar Saturday/Weekend Giveaway Sweepstakes.
  • Was a zombie for a brief period of time(during the Dead Rising 2 Pub Crawl) Became re-zombified for a brief period of time (during Dead Island: Secret Origins episode 1).
  • For a period of time, many new users were made which had stalkerish usernames. The flood of stalkerish usernames stopped after Chris told the community to stop doing it several times.
  • Makes up one half of 8-bit indie rock band The Glowing Stars

    Lizzie and Matt - "The Glowing Stars"

Twitter: @LizzieCuevas

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