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The podcast is an offshoot of Talkradar using the hosts of Talkradar. The topics range from anything to everything, but with limited video game talks. According to Chris Antista, Laser Time is "basically nostalgia based."

Hosts of Laser Time include Chris Antista, Brett Elston, Tyler Wilde. Notable guests have included Henry Gilbert, Mikel Reparaz, Diana Goodman, Anne Marie Lewis (of Bad Dog Reviews and PlayStation: The Official Magazine fame), Mitch Dyer , and Michael Grimm.

While the overall structure of Laser Time is different for each specific episode, there is some continuity. Each episode features two segments; the first segment used to feature a Top 5 list pertaining to the episode's theme, and the second proceeds with freeform discussion amongst the hosts. The form of it now is a free-for-all where a topic is usually discussed most of the podcast. Episodes usually run over 1 hour.

Topics that have been discussed have varied from adult jokes in kid cartoons to 80's rap commercials

The theme song to Laser Time is the Title Screen Theme from the NES game Silver Surfer.

Link: Lasertimepodcast

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