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KREATIVEassassin (Joshua Hines) is the creator of The Adventures of Tiny Mikel and the Official Fan Art Thread on GamesRadar. His first appearance on the podcast was Episode #123. He is a lifelong friend of Brett Elston and has been friends with him since they met in Kindergarten. He is the third friend of a host to appear on a whole episode of TalkRadar. He is noted as having an enormous video game collection, which currently totals at around 3,000 games.

KREATIVEassassin gave Chris Antista many of the game sound effects heard in the podcast, particularly the "secret sound effects" heard at the end of almost every episode. He helped Brett Elston with the Mega Man retrospective for the release of Mega Man 9 and has provided art for various articles around the site, most notably the fake Breakfast Club NES game in Chris Antista's article Long Lost Movie Games, as well as the Ninja Gaiden 4 and Super Mario Bros. 2-2 shots in his Games That Need the Mega Man 9 Treatment feature. KREATIVEassassin also created the Legend of Zelda Magic Expansion which was featured on the site. Many of the game cover scans displayed on GamesRadar come from KREATIVEassassin's website.

The Official Fan Art Thread was started as a way to showcase pictures of Duke Lombardi and to consolidate fan art pics from other forum threads into one easy place for reference and showcase. It has more views and posts than any other thread on the TalkRadar forums.

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