Writer for Destructoid and freelances for Gamesradar. All of his low review scores can be attributed to the fact that he intentionally does so in order to generate controversy, and get people talking about him. He loves attention.

As of this moment Jim Sterling has appeared on Episode 99, and TalkRadar Live PAX 2010.

In his own words: Destructoid reviews editor, games media gun-for-hire who has done writing for GamesRadar, IGN, OXM, GamePro. You want a terrible game journalist? I'm your man!

Previous Mentions on TalkRadarEdit

Episode 37: Killzone 2 Biasness, Brett Elston would have loved to have Jim Sterling on for his article about "garms publications in the pocket of videogame publishers.

Episode 56: Brett Elston wished he wrote a comparison about Prototype is better than Infamous or vice versa. before Destructoid did. (Article was written by Jim Sterling)

Episode 91: Chris Antista idea of making fun of Jim Sterling making fun of GamesRadar. "Top 7 fucking farts I want to fuck."

Episode 94: Week of Hate Top 7: Review Scores Mikel Reparaz a tad upset that Jim gave The Saboteur a better score and thought it was way better than Assassin's Creed II. Chris Antista wishes he could write articles like Jim Sterling, but said he just can't.

Actually appears on Talkradar 99 to discuss the Top 7.

Notable WorkEdit

Assassins Creed II review

Deadly Premonition review

Final Fantasy XIII review

Well known of his support for the Christian agenda and right wing politics.

PS3 Fanboys are the worst.

Shattering the cunt record for PAX 2010 podcast. Always wears the One Ring on his cock to make him look circumcised.

Is a fictional character created by the artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger.

Is the John Belushi of the video game community: Unlikely to live past 40, secretly does all kinds of assorted drugs, and might be a genius if he ever tried to be.

Jim Sterling raped Sonic. That's why he has to go back in time to be good.

Known to have stopped using the word "tranny" and is now friend to transexuals world wide.

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