Hollander Cooper


  • Some time in 1987 in Pennsylvania


News Editor





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He is a news editor. Made his debut appearance on TalkRadar 178. Also known as Johnathan, HollyCoo, Hoth, Jollathan, Coop, Holly, Johny Coo, Scooper Cooper, and Shitdrips McTittybutt. He has spent his entire life training to one day eliminate every journalist named Johnathan Cooper and gain all of their powers. Has now became an official host of Talkradar with the leaving of Chris.

He is the new "news editor" as said by Tyler Nagata for the new mandate push on high from Future US of delievering more "news" content.

He enjoys going to the Wikipedia page for boobs and masturbating to it. People back in Pennsylvania mocked him for not going Penn State (Main Campus) which was stopped when they discovered that the football program turned tight ends into wide receivers. He's also known to break combo's.

He is a supossed host of Newsradar; a news only podcast which still in development is never coming out. Instead Cooper host GamesRadar's new substitute podcast RadioRadar, keeping the mics warm until the glorious day when the old T-Dar crew rides again on flaming metal horses to assuage all those butt hurt by their leaving.

With the dreams of Newsradar never realized Hollander brought back the sound board to the RadioRadar podcast, giving it some of that old TalkRadar vibe with fan submitted numbers for the Top 7 segment and jingles to mark different segments in the episode, something TalkRadar could never do. Despite the return to sound effects RadioRadar remained more serious and properly gaming focused podcast despite boughts of violent diahrea in the vacant third floor bathrooms. Hollander breifly brought back an uneditted version of the Save Money Jam for a short lived Games Deals resurection.

June 27, 2014, After RadioRadar Episode 94. Hollander has now left GamesRadar and as is the fate of all game journalists has sold his soul to a copperate magnate. He now writes for Origin at Electronics Arts leaving GamesRadar's podcast destiny in the hands of Henry Gilbert.

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