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The Editor in Chief of GamesRadar. He had four appearances: Podcasts 8, 54, 94, 100 , the 2009 Christmas Special, 103, 140 and 155. In Episode 103, Eric Bratcher announced the BREAKING NEWS of Killzone 3 announced, and then talked about Killzone 3 and 3D gaming for about 5 minutes, before leaving to work on the article of it for GamesRadar.

Early Life (120,000,000 BCE)Edit

Eric Bratcher was raised by T-Rexes. He thought he was a T-Rex when in fact he was a Bratchiosaurus.


Present DayEdit

Eric "Bratchiosaurus" Bratcher is slowing turning into a tar pit. Besides that he watches Chris Antista with his long neck to know that he isn't stealing any prizes. Also he was responsible for changing the site. For editors to push, change, alter the content, and future plans of GamesRadar they must wrestle him and win. His favorite game is Pyschonauts, and which is also known as "The Schafer Chafer". Is known to be the proud owner of a pig which weighs as much as Lizzie Cuevas.

Twitter @BaconNoseBest


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