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Date: December 4th, 2009.

Length: 2:45:02

Hosts: Chris, Brett, and Mikel.

Special Guest(s): Dan Amrich.

Intro: WKRP in Cincinnati

Closing words from Dan Amrich Commit. That is my only word of wisdom. Just fucking do it.

Closing Song: Palette Swap Ninja - Viva Pinata

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • Dan Amrich leaving Future US to pursue a job at Activision to get Interstate 76 available to play on current operating systems. (Met that goal)
  • 1st Break: Love Shack, Halo All-I-Play-Oh, and Centerfold (all sang by Dan Amrich)
  • 2nd Break: Learn to Spell and Coffeehouse Girl
  • Closing Song: Viva Pinata
  • Fred Schider voice help Dan get in the 80's coverband.
  • Dan Amrich trained as a opera singer and a child actor as a child
  • Dan Amrich is a hero to Chris Antista
  • Viva Pinata was first Palatte Swap Ninja song created
  • Jude and Dan came up with the words, in Jude's truck driving home from Fast Times. Important because it was the first song played live ever in Tdar 50.
  • Dirty anagrams can be created from Chris' name

Funny Stories and Quotes

  • Mikel Reparaz:
    • "Feminist Boners."
    • "Most fun of Tony Hawk Ride is like buying a toy and playing with the box."
    • The first thing I remember about Pac Man was how awful the vitamins were.
    • My mom made diapers out of Dan Amrich's reviews.
    • Whose grandparents do the most meth?
    • General Podcast Chicken?
  • Chris Antista:
    • "I'm not leaving my house because of some World of Warcraft magazine." [2:39:09]
    • Aww man I got my boner out for nothing.
    • Cum Jizz Fuck.
    • I've drained the mysogyny out of my boner.
    • Like a burrito in the flood.
    • The location of the forums only known to me.
    • Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. I don't like it's backbone of advertising was tits.
    • Ventriloquist rape game.
    • Brett Elston knows how to type in Fred Schidner.
    • Dinosaur Penis off ramp is what Fred Flintstone takes to get home.
    • Back when Saturday cartoons mattered, Hannah Barbera ruled with awful.
    • Activision stoled something from us.
    • Why hasn't someone anointed by god to come down and kill me?
    • It's like telling your dad I love you which I won't!
    • @Dan You are a personal hero of mine.
    • I resent being baptized as a baby more than losing my foreskin. Have you seen the scars?
  • Brett Elston:
    • in Brit accent "Dinosaur Penis?" [37:40-37:42] Stephen was probably the man who said this when Brett Elston was nervous as shit.
    • Radio Voice: "You're gonna take a trip down the Double Dare Sunday Slide." [1:22:26-1:22:29]
    • Dan Amrich in high pitch voice: "GOING TO SPACE CAMP!!" within the [1:22:49-1:22:53]
    • Brett Elston cried when his sister was baptized, Thought she was dying.
    • I saw Rogue Warrios 3 years ago when it was DUDES WE HAVE ALL THIS OBLIVION MONEY!
  • Dan Amrich
    • CMS Can't Make Shit. It was so broken at the time.
    • I waited 25 minutes to play Pac Man and it was transcendence.
    • Horse fellatio.
    • I was Zombie Reagan in City of Heroes.
    • I was Robochrist.
    • Harry Potter fucking matters.
    • Nothing played like Solar Fox except Marg.
    • Fuck you I was not 40 when you wrote to me.
    • Tony Hawk Ride: Deluxe Living Room Experience.
    • Pitfall was such a big deal as a child.
      • Brett "That's relevant."
    • I wish DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball was a better volleyball game.
    • I want to play Solar Fox
      • Mikel "That makes one of us."

Dan Amrich's Roast quotes and Legacy on the TalkRadar podcast

  • 1st episode flashback:
  • Said he was playing World of Warcraft, and was responsible for the Niko Bellic "No Prablem" legacy
  • Dan Amrich roast starts at 1:18:45
  • Chris Antista:
    • "Dan is so stuck in the 80's, the first thing he did in his cubicle was to take down the Berlin Wall."
    • "Joe McNeily's videos are so bad, new feature lets you record over his videos."
    • "A man so full of videogame knowledge he has no room for a penis." (toward Mikel Reparaz) [1:25:30]
    • "So obessed with Nintendo, his first born son is the Virtual Boy, and he refers to his dick and balls as the Tri-Force."

Question of the Week 64: What do you name your character or profile in games

  • Mirrors the question asked in Episode 17, when hosts answered what there online profile names.
  • Dan Amrich- RPG's - Arkamen, Darma Inc, music games Rancid Ham. gamertag bunnyears (NOT A FURRY)
  • Brett Elston- Perch 11 (Want full story listen to episode 17, when he was in biology class) also lobstertent
  • Mikel Reparaz- Evil Ninja, Zombie Reagan in City of Heroes
  • Chris Antista: As vile as possible. game he doesn't care about Fart. Arcade- Jiz, cum, and ass.

Link: Episode 80

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