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Date: November 20th, 2009

Length: 2:50:51

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel, Tyler, and Charlie.

Special Guest(s): None

Intro: The Office - Season 3 - Episode 3 (The Coup).

Closing Words: Brett Elston "That's taking us out."

Closing Song: David Wise Wizards and Warriors III Remix Bazooie OC Remix

Content Covered:

  • Top 7 Ballsiest facets of Modern Warfare 2
  • 40th anniversary of Seasame Street
  • Most pathetic MW2 video of a British Kid. "WORST GAME EVAR"
    • Charlie Barratt "He's literally crying over spilled milk on his face."
  • David Wise Music Tribute [44:13-46:45]
    • Chris Antista's impersonating Brits about Snake Rattle and Roll [45:49-46:03]
  • Hank's Corner
  • Ask a Games Jaranalist

Notable Facts:

  • This is the 2nd longest podcast to date.
  • Chris Antista appalledby how bad Ice Age 3 was

Charlie Barratt makes the hosts come to a concensus that the Halo story is more stupid than the Modern Warfare 2 story

  • Brett Elston Date mode Duran Duran Astronaut 2004, great album
  • Brett becomes executive editor. Promotion
  • Chris Antista interviewed Tony Hawk on Ride in the first break.
  • Failed Joke: Tyler Wilde tired of only one formula in Formula One
  • Fight Club now 10 years old. 10 years of Tyler Wilde being called Tyler Durden.
  • Weezer interview was teased about interviewing a musical guest
  • For Question of the week, hosts debated one username's fondest multiplayer memory of blowjob allotment at LAN parties.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

Chris Antista:

  • "I just want to fuck the wig."
  • As my dad said there is no such thing as free cock.
  • You only get 1 blowjob per LAN party. There is no way you can get a line of people to blow you because you can frag well.
  • To this day I haven't paid Tyler for Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz.
  • on pedophilia "It's not my fault its currently Disney's main point of business." [2:14:52-2:14:58]
  • MW2 amazing single player experience.
  • Elston? What did Left 4 Dead 2 get?
    • Brett " 9."
    • Chris Didn't get a 10, I don't want to hear about it."
  • Blame the Aryan porcupine.
  • Outside of Assassins Creed, only GTA people give a fuck where the next location is going to be.
  • I forgot about the fuck demographic.
  • Little Sister multiplayer mode. What was the most touching thing about that game is now a football.
  • Ezio, it's family driven.
    • Brett "It's because he's Italian."
    • Chris "ELSTON!"
  • Fuck there is so many zombie videogames I don't care about.
  • The upset British MW2 kid who made a video. He's 19 so I don't feel bad for making fun of him.
  • Everytime I have a child there is always a new Mario videogame.
  • When you become part of E3
    • Brett "You mean EA"
  • Brutal Legend underperformed selling 215 million.
    • Mikel "You mean thousand."
  • That sucks you are a friend against grenade spam.

Charlie Barratt

  • Whenever there is a black guy in videogames it is Keith David.

Tyler Wilde

  • I don't know sports.
  • Such is the fabric of our lives, David Wise is the music of our lives.
  • "Mikel's mustache flew off and pulled me out of the water."
  • Bioshock 2. I guess we have multiplayer.
  • That's like a Simpsons joke. Someone lies and they are in the paper the next day.
  • I want to have a game that combines Left 4 Dead, Portal, and Half-Life.
  • What would PTOM do without GamesRadar?
    • Brett "Fold."

Brett Elston

  • David Wise. Amazing 8 bit and 16 bit composer. So much great shit.
  • Next game we're going to have Amelia Earhart so no one can tell us we're wrong.
  • 21 bundles of Band Hero is enough to kill a man.

Mikel Reparaz

  • Super Ad Hoc sounds like a boring business game where everyone wears gray suits.
  • I have to be Desmond to read e-mails.
  • Fuck this the system controls like children.
  • Thank you from the bottom of my vaginees.
  • When they saved our evil Puritanical ancestors.

Question of the Week 62: Longest you stood in line for a game or system?

Brett Elston saturday for a PS1 on 9-9-95. No line. Waited for Air Combat.

Tyler Wilde- waited for a Wii for his former girlfriend. Sheeple horn played during this time. (To this day, Chris Antista has yet to pay Tyler Wilde $20 for Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz)

Mikel Reparaz- Stood in line twice for a Wii, but they were out.

Chris Antista- Waited for Dreamcast at Toys R Us. MB2K story of getting the PS2. In the paper, the only Hispanic person in a sea of black people.

Link: Episode 78

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