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Tyler did get punched in the face around this time

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Date: November 6th, 2009

Length: 2:38:00

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel, and Tyler.

Special Guest(s): None

Intro: Diff'rent Strokes

Closing Words: "Let's Ride."

Closing Song: Iggy Pop - Passenger

Content Covered:

  • Top 7 Things we hate about sports games Introduced in a Radio DJ voice
    • leads to Chris Antista wanting to bring back the Negro leagues
    • and first sport experiences
    • Chris Antista- threw a football forward right after he caught it
    • Mikel Reparaz- kicked a soccer ball out of bounds. Thought he was supposed to kick it
    • Chris Antista- got finger broken by girl, and lied that a basketball did it
    • Brett Elston responded he tried to break his finger so he wouldn't play basketball.
  • Ask a Games Jarnalist
  • MW2 info about No Russian

Notable Facts:

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Johnny Ridgeback. [8:33]
  • Rock Band DLC Foo Fighters Wheels (fuck)
  • General Concensus is that preorders are stupid and bullshit.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Mikel Reparaz's story about Richland High School gets dugged up by Dan Amrich
    • Mascot is a mushroom cloud and a whitewashing campaign in the 80's explaining why are they called the bombers.
    • Doesn't add up if the Nuclear plant workers paid for a WW2 bomber, when there was nuclear plants for power until 1952, and the first one was in USSR which means that nuclear power in America was way past the ending of World War II. Then B-52 mural is painted strafing the campus.
  • Huntsville, Appalama gets mentioned again Everyone shares their few Space Camp memories
  • Chris Antista
    • Church lock-in where the rainbow parties take place Also his church looking "unfuckable shithead friends" looked at him with disdain when he read Calvin and Hobbes.
    • New Super Mario Brothers Wii is 4 light skinned people having fun with one game.
    • I want to see the ending of San Andreas localized outside the Chicago Bulls stadium.
    • Did you have a rainbow party? I have the scars to prove it.
  • Tyler Wilde
    • Tyler Wilde fighting a homeless man at the BART Civic Station BAMF: [26:00-30:29]
    • I want to see a sports game where you win a championship and you turn over cars and light things on fire.
    • It's there investigative news journalism in the industry? No.
  • Brett Elston
    • Heavy Barrel the only game with an octagonal joystick.
      • Mikel "Wrong Ikari Warriors." WIKIPARAZ

Question of the Week 60: What is your first music CD?

  • Chris Antista- Weird Al Yankovic- Off the Deep End (did not know who was Kurt Cobain or Nirvana)
  • Brett Elston- 2 Unlimited 1994.
  • Mikel Reparaz- Columbia Record House Paula Abdul? (was mentioned, being first idk)
  • Tyler Wilde- A KORN CD

Link: Episode 76

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