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Date: June 20th, 2008

Length: 51:53

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Charlie, and Shane.

Special Guest(s): None


Quote of the week: "There's three people in this room, and two of them don't give a fuck about what just happened."

Closing Words: Everyone: "Bye"

Closing Song: Norg - Harden The Duck Up (Ducktales Moon Level OC Remix)

Content Covered:

  • Top 7 Worst Parts of Best Games
  • Wii Fit causes millions of dollars in damages.
  • Peter Travers: Number one studio fellator in movie history.
  • Moon Interview
  • Consoles of the 70's, 80's, 90's, and 2000's

Notable Facts:

  • First time baby laugh sound effect was used.
  • Marks the first appearance of Charlie Barratt.
  • First QOTW answered by Hosts that predates QOTW: Gaming addiction story.
  • First shoutout TheSurburbiaRuins
    • Dealt with Brett Elston's story of playing Pokemon in Puerto Rico with his girlfriend (Carolyn).
  • First time rape was ever mentioned on TalkRadar.
    • "Hoborape" at 36:05 into the podcast.
    • Said three times:
      • Twice by Chris Antista.
      • Once by Brett Elston.
  • 1st break
    • 17:20 (unknown)
    • WWE plugs
    • Down with Zelda commerical
    • 18:45 another song (unknown)
  • 1st time breaking of glass sound effect was played.
  • 2nd Break
    • 32:00 song ?
    • Commerical for Sega 32X and Saturn
    • 32:48 different song?

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • Was hallucinating Dr. Mario, and decided after midnight to walk four miles home. He could have been hoboraped.
    • Says Sora's boy nipples from Kingdom Hearts II are "so lickable."
    • I've played all the Halos and I still don't understand how things fit.
    • I asked you chicken or fish, and you said yeah.
  • Brett Elston
    • "Kingdom Hearts and the Goddamn Gummi ship."
    • "Spiderman Web Master. BANNED!"
    • In 1997, Brett Elston bought a Sega CD-X and games from a friend for $60 because the friend needed drug money. Because of that, it semi-changed that person's life.
  • Charlie Barratt
    • "Could you imagine the box art for Agile Warrior?"

Link: Episode 6

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