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Date: June 12th, 2009

Length: 1:45:47

Hosts: Brett, Mikel, Tyler, Lizzie, and Henry.

Special Guest(s): None

Quote of the week: “The joke’s gonna be on you when they reveal its full title to be Halo: Reach Around.”

Intro: Quote from Snakes on a Plane: a fat black man crediting his flight experience to Ace Combat.

Closing Words: Tyler Wilde "Dingleberries."

Closing Song: Sammy Hagar - I Can't Drive 55

Content Covered:

  • Top 7 E3 09 announcements you missed
  • Nintendo's E3 2009 conference is the same as the 2008 one.
  • E3 coverage and announcements.
  • Prototype
  • Which console will win 2009?
  • Heavy Rain
  • God of War III vs Bayonetta vs Dante's Inferno vs Darksiders.

Notable Facts:

  • Since "Halo: Reach" was announced, there has not been a single time on the 'cast they haven't used "reach-around" when discussing the game.
  • Tyler Wilde getting a degree in illustrations prevents him from making over $50,000 a year.
  • Henry Gilbert's hometown is Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • Many people at the Prototype Party got sick.
  • This Top 7 was Henry Gilbert's first fully-written one.

Funny Stories and Quotes

  • Tyler Wilde
    • Saw Sammy Hagar drunk off margaritas at some concert.
    • Discussing Antista's death: "Who would have thought that tranny had a knife?" [32:12-14]
    • (Prototype Party) Tom from marketing has the flu, why not have him cough on everything?
    • Fuck you friend codes.
    • Tyler Wilde as a child slammed a door hard and a mirror of shattered glass fell on him.
  • Lizzie Cuevas
    • "My dick." [28:22]
    • "RIP my boner." [1:42:10-12]
    • Charlie Barratt is a ungrateful bastard.
    • I forgot I had a Wii.
  • Brett Elston
    • "Nintendo shitted in my face for the past 3 years."
    • Asshole at E3 Rock Band party, because of Iron Maiden. Didn't kick that dudes ass.
    • National Reparaz Association.
    • Goddamn, our site search is ballsacks.
    • It was a virus to promote the game.
    • Guitar Hero Modern Shits.
    • I wish I could transmit images over the radio.
  • Mikel Reparaz
    • "Jade Raymond has a mullet and mustache like Tyler Wilde."
    • Name of program is $400 hard drive.
    • How dare Blizzard make Starcraft 2. They are turning their backs against the Korean players.
    • Cmon baby take it off, I'm a huge stereotype.
  • Henry Gilbert
    • George Lucas. He needs to die.

Question of the Week 39: Maddest you ever been at a game?

  • Brett Elston: Street Fighter II, level 8 Bison. Busted a window, and the Bionic Commando wife-arm.
  • Tyler Wilde: The Simpsons Arcade Game with girlfriend. Date was going great, about to beat the game on the last stage, and then the power goes cut. Also, the Mass Effect 1 glitch.
  • Henry Gilbert: Losing to his brother in all videogames. One case: Power Rangers for N64. Autosave state in Matt Hazard.
  • Mikel Reparaz: Asshole in college for game night. Played fucking cheap. Beat him multiple times.
    • Mikel: "Are you playing to win, or have fun?"
    • Asshole: "WINNING IS FUN!"
  • Lizzie Cuevas: Getting the Fable 2 protective orgy.

Link: Episode 55

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