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Date: March 20th, 2009

Length: 1:51:34

Hosts: Chris, Tyler, Charlie, and Shane.

Special Guest(s): None

Quote of the week: "Tom, I'm here reporting live, overlooking all the pedophiles in cyberspace."

Intro: Stormbreaker, which is a movie, apparently

Closing Words: Tourette's Guy "Bitch, I love you."

Closing Song: Cracker: "Happy Birthday to Me"

Content Covered:

  • Top 7 Games you either love or hate
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
  • Worst celebrity voiceovers
  • House of the Dead: Overkill breaks profanity in games record
  • MegaRace audio
    • Chris Antista: "The host looks like if Colin Mochrie had leukemia."
  • Animal Crossing Pedophile News Clip
    • Tyler Wilde "Messages in bottles, harmless, or pedophile based?"

Notable Facts:

  • Chinatown Wars is the first game Chris Antista gave a 10 to.
  • It was Chris Antista's birthday this week, also Lizzie Cuevas.
    • Chris Antista "Lizzie turns 17 in 72 hours. Almost of age." [1:23:05]
  • Tyler Wilde bought his fiance wedding rings, that cost a lot of money, and Chris Antista asked why he didn't buy him Resident Evil 5 for his birthday.
  • Shirley-Phelps Roper interview was teased, but audio finally used in episode 68.
  • Tyler Wilde actually mentioned Bolo in episode 43, and Chris Antista stopped him, only for it to be used exactly one podcast year later in episode 93.
  • Car was broken into, and the PSP wasn't stolen, but the stereo system was ruined.

Funny Quotes and Stories:

  • Chris Antista (towards Charlie Barratt)
    • To Charlie Barratt, who is over the phone, "Stephen Hawking sounds better than you, and he types with his dick."
    • You can't open a fold out chair.
    • Does Microsoft not understand you're just a faceless guy in a green suit and if you're a button too late you're in a blue suit or pink suit?
    • Dylan Baker that guy who played a pedophile in Happiness.
    • Dislikes toys that say "You're my best friend."
    • Football players like football games. NASCAR drivers like NASCAR games, or they have sponsorships.
    • Mikel and Brett are dead. They committed suicide homosexually.
    • I am a master of?
      • Shane "Farting?"
      • Charlie "Sound effects?"
      • Tyler Wilde "Pedophilia?"
    • No, you're all wrong Mad Magazine
  • Tyler Wilde
    • "So much Wrestlemania, I can cast a headlock spell."
    • I like this game a got a lot of 5 year old ass.
    • (Reading a quote from the Top 7) "Halo sucks big time; all it is are [sic] fake people with guns with airplanes."
  • Charlie Barratt
    • "Webkinz is a game kids like to play and also have sex in."
    • "I've got all this Wrestlemania."
  • Shane Patterson
    • PS3 all you guys can eat butt.
    • Goory I saw you try to exercise for 10 minutes failingly and now you are fighting for your soul? I don't understand.
    • The DS lets you molest kids in malls.
    • Chris Antista will come to your house and fart in your face.

Question of the Week 27: What is the first game that came bundled with your PC?

  • Tyler Wilde: Zork DVD game
  • Shane Patterson: Ski Free
  • Chris Antista: Q-Basic, Snake, only got a PC due to credit card incentives his mom had.
  • Charlie Barratt: Lemmings, You Don't Know Jack, and Mahjong.

Link: Episode 43

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