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Date: March 6th, 2009

Length: 2:07:28

Hosts: Chris, Brett, and Mikel.

Special Guest(s): None

Quote of the week: [On IGN’s review breakdowns] "How do you even score a game’s sound anymore? What if my soundtrack is all Beethoven and Led Zeppelin? Insta-10!"

Intro: Super Mario Radio Compact Disco

Closing Words: Chris Antista in a Fred Schider voice "When going home from work, take the dinosaur penis off-ramp!"

Closing Song: Ambassadors Of Funk featuring M.C. Mario - Super Mario USA - Super Mario Radio Compact Disco. Here's a playlist of the whole album

Content Covered:

  • Top 7 Whoops, you're evil moments
  • Rap in videogames
  • Watchmen: The End is Nigh
  • Duke Lombardi announcing many Nintendo titles
  • Tom Clancy's HAWX
  • Halo 3 reaches 1 billionth match
  • Super Mario Disco
  • A Boy and His Blob

Notable Facts:

  • "Don't Copy that Floppy" first played on TalkRadar.
  • "Junky Kong Dongle Beat" first mentioned.
  • In PlayStation: the Official Magazine, Mikel Reparaz exposes that Brett Elston's signature looks like Butt Elston.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • On the keyhole sound in Super Mario Disco: "I could only imagine [Yoshi's] asshole spreading."
    • My biggest problem if drugs were legalized is waking up at 4AM and seeing Pepsi advertise coke.
    • You don't beat Braid, you live it!
    • I like throwing things. I like catching things. I don't like to watch mutants throw and catch being interrupted by commericals.
    • Watchmen brawler is shitting on Alan Moore's well prepared grave.
    • You coughed dust on me Mikel mummy.
    • Co'Trizzle ma' dizzle.
    • Diddy Kong, Trixie Kong, Shifty Kong, which one was Fisty Kong?
    • You aint from Grove Street bitch.
    • Only Madden has the money to have rappers rap about their game.
    • Somewhere along the line, Sonic has nothing but wailing buttrock.
    • The blood of my ancestors flows inside me. I hope so.
    • Feel free to correct my grammar in the comments.
  • Mikel Raparaz
    • To the tune of Jimmy Crack Corn: "Stevie Ray Vaughn, and I don't care."
    • Green Dinosaur Goatse.
    • Your signature looks like Butt Elston
    • Dinosaur Penis
  • Brett Elston
    • "Yu-Gi-Oh! Whirly Dirly Burly Furly."
    • Imagine Boner.
    • Resident Evil Blood Drive sounds like an excuse to spread the T-virus.
    • Donkey Kong 64 embodies the downfall or Rare.
    • They are playing bass on a dead robot.

Question of the Week 25: What game started an actual fight?

  • Brett Elston: Killer Instinct at a mall in 1995. A dude threw his quarters to the other side of the mall in Missouri. Can't drive, has to wait to be picked up.
  • Mikel Raparaz: Top Gun 2
  • Chris Antista: Jackal. Went outside to the lawn to fight when the Nintendo was broken.

Link: Episode 41

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