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Date: February 20th, 2009

Length: 2:06:10

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel, and Shane.

Special Guest: Scott Butterworth

Quote of the week: “Blitzball is about as fun as playing hacky sack in the womb.”

Intro: Demetri Martin stand-up about videogames

Closing Words: Mikel Reparaz "Transatlantic communication is a failure." Scott Butterworth: "I can't believe you remembered to say that."

Closing Song: Earthbound Remix

Content Covered:


  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and the Damned penis physics [42:00]
  • Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?
  • Noby Noby Boy
  • Earthbound soundtrack samples
  • End of the Red Ring of Death?
  • Dead Space: Extraction
  • Activision suing EA over Brutal Legend?
  • G4 cutting back on game-related programming

Notable Facts:

  • At 4:00 Shane Patterson says "Chris Antista smells like pizza."
  • Chris Antista does a brief Vin Diesel impersonation.
  • Antista first mention of placing 2nd in a Florida regional swimming meet to quit the day of to get Spiderman Genesis.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • On Blitzball: "It was like playing hackey sack in the womb." [22:03]
    • Too bad Charlie isn't here to bore me to suicide.
    • Sonic Spinball. Pathetic excuse of a game. If there was ever a time we should have thrown rocks toward the developer.
    • TurboNegro The fastest...
    • On Punch-Out's ESRB rating: "You uppercut Piston Honda in the urethra." [1:16:48]
    • Shane pantamimed a blowjob.
    • Speaking of cockpit we finally have a penis in a game. God forbid penis be the light.
    • The people who hate videogames on content do not play them.
    • The black boxers are stronger
      • Shane "And they rap."
  • Brett Elston
    • Do you recognize nouns?
    • Number one is San Andreas, they have the most bad games per square foot.
    • Race Pro sounds like a eugenics project.
  • Mikel Reparaz
    • "That sounds like a horrible game. Why do I want to fight streets?"
    • Turn around BAM! Penis.
    • I just want to explain why GTA Lost and the Damned is a 9 and not a 10.
  • Shane Patterson
    • Is it because of the penis?
      • Mikel "No"
  • Scott Butterworth
    • I heard a print version of the podcast is coming out.
    • An exotic zoo of cliches.

Question of the Week 23: What is the greatest effort you put into to getting a single game?

  • Brett Elston: Worked hard for Mortal Kombat. Wrote a contract and signed it at the age of 12.
  • Chris Antista: Joined the swim team for Spider-Man for the Genesis. Got 2nd place in a regional meet. Got out of the pool and asked his dad: "Where's Spider-Man?" Quit the swim team the next day. Same thing happened with his sister for the game Trampoline Terror.
  • Shane Patterson: Sold all of his old games to get the PS1. Dad took all of his money and waited for a couple months to give him the PS1 as a present.
  • Mikel Reparaz: Played lots of foosball to get a Game Boy. For a whole year only for him to realize he wasn't going to get a Game Boy.

Link: Episode 39

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