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Date: February 13th, 2009

Length: 2:16:19

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel, and Charlie.

Special Guest(s): Dan Amrich.

Quote of the week: “If I’m not in the office, and talking to you on AIM, chances are you're getting a lot of silent brown punctuation.”

Intro: The Wizard.

Closing Words: Brett Elston "Boner popsicle." Dan Amrich "I'm supposed to top that?!"

Closing Song: Freddie25 - Wind Waker Unplugged

Content Covered:

  • Top 7 Cringeworthy kisses
  • Deadly Creatures
  • Dead Rising 2
  • Retro Game Challenge
  • Flower
  • Barack Obama is a potty-mouth!
  • Chris's "Goonies" molestation story
  • Shenmue Tribute
  • "Puddle of Mudd" Ace Combat 5 [1:29:00]
  • Infogrames Theme Song [1:34:03]
    • Chris Antista: "Sounds like a song about all the games that died in a plane crash."

Notable Facts:

  • Dan Amrich is open minded about beastality. [6:33-6:40]
  • Left 4 Dead was Dan Amrich's favorite game of 2008.
  • Dan Amrich owns 4 arcade cabinets at his house.
  • Chris Antista's Wii legitmately counted as a tax write-off.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • "Kill the trees. Fuck the Lorax." [10:07-10:11]
    • Wii Fight {15:20-15:40]
    • If you were modeling art figurines then force them to have sex by clacking them toegther loudly, that's what the Goldenye romance is like.
    • "It's as sexy as geometry can get."
    • I'm not much of a homo but I have a story that refutes that."
    • I was in breach of contract. I was the cocktease.
    • Now I have to sleep with the man to redeem myself.
    • X-Blades for some reason it caught my eye.
    • I get to write up my Wii as an expense. You can check the records, no personal use.
    • Rise of the Fuck Sluts.
    • The girl who progressed through the entire movie accusing men of rape (The Wizard)
    • TalkRadar best and only podcast for now.
    • Apparently you can win iPhones on the forums. I have already won 16.
    • You fuck her until you hurt.
    • Like a scorpion traveling through a brown birth canal for 8 months of screenshots.
    • "I was the big 1-1. I was still wetting my mother. She carried me through the door every day."
    • "Goonies" molestation story begins at 37:30 ends around 42:00.
    • Went to a gay bar at the age of 15. All mirrors and neon lights. Saw blurry dark dicks.
    • Mikel hates circuses. He had bad experiences.
    • If you argued about whether the Odyessey is better than the Atari security will throw you out of the building.
    • Man I need to shave my taint. It's getting ridiculous.
    • What's larger than a Mario Galaxy? Super Mario Galaxy.
    • I'm drunk and I'm bored.
  • Dan Amrich
    • Impersonation of Brett Elston. [57:45-57:53]
    • Fanboy rant. [1:03:29-1:03:50]
    • I have 4 coin op arcade machines in my garage.
  • Mikel Reparaz
    • Where is place I can jack you off?
    • I don't play videogames because I don't have a VCR.
    • They might go for something smaller like Mario Archipelago
    • Mario Dodge, iot's about living in a car.
    • Mario Apartment
    • The cop that beat you up after he put his hands down your pants.
    • I saw Max Payne over the weekend and that was shit.
    • Retro Game Challenge sounds like a shitty minigame collection
      • Chris "Sounds like something Midway would put out, or use to.
  • Brett Elston
    • 2 weeks I played Jericho and now it's in a Top 7.

Question of the Week 22: Game you associate with a break up?

  • Brett Elston: "Enter the Matrix" and the "Hulk" game in the summer of 2003. "Knights of the Old Republic" got him out of the slump.
  • Mikel Reparaz: "Legend of Legaia". "Albert Odessey" for Sega Saturn in college.
  • Chris Antista: "Donkey Kong County 2"
    • About the girl he broke up with: "I wish she wasn't fat and lost her legs."
  • Dan Amrich: "I have a perfect life. I never drown my sorrows in games for relationships, just hard drugs"

Link: Episode 38

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