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Date: February 6th, 2009

Length: 2:10:43

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel, and Shane

Special Guest(s): None

Quote of the week: “Spoiler Alert: In case you didn’t know the ending of Call of Duty 4 reveals that the whole game was a dream inside an autistic kid’s snow globe.”

Intro: The Wrestler

Closing Words: Duke Lombardi "Christianity makes my tummy hurt."

Closing Song: 8-bit version of "The Way You Make Me Feel".

Content Covered:

  • Top 7 Games that should've had co-op
    • Some comment: "Why isn't Goldeneye on this list."
    • Chris Antista quoting one comment down from that one: "So you could play as James Bond's favorite sidekick."
  • Killzone 2 reviewed
    • A faith-based argument.
    • Chris Antista: "Killzone 2 died for your sins."
    • Mikel Reparaz went into rage mode about journalistic credibility in regards to Killzone 2.
  • Spider-Man vs the Kingpin Audio [1:13:56-1:17:30]
  • Rygar for Wii Reviewed
    • Chris Antista, on how much the Wiimote rumbles when playing this game: "Sounds like a Mexican landscaper on airplane fuel."
  • "Islam is the Light" controversy
    • Shane Patterson:
      • "There is one in the White House!"
      • "It's 'In God We Trust' or nothing at all."
      • No son of mine is going to blow himself up, unless it's for the sovereignty of the state."
      • "Come over here, Apple Pie Stevenson." [1:39:11]
        • Mikel: "Get over here, Apple Pie Hitler Stevenson."
        • Shane: "Aryan Nation Johnson."
    • Mikel Reparaz:
      • "What the hell is this religious tolerance bullshit?"
      • "He's going to swing on the monkey bars like Al-Qaeda."
      • "Americans see Muslims as the ghosts from 'Poltergiest'."
    • Chris Antista:
      • "How flimsy is your faith if a baby toy and an Ubisoft game phrase can change your children's beliefs?"
  • Blogger bonds with bullies over games
  • Local news segment: "Nintendo DS: the Pedophile Machine" [1:29:30]
    • Brett Elston "as a producer stuff like that didn't happen. [NOOO! WHAAAT! GOD DAMNIT! 1:37:12-13]
    • Lead to the popular "Research: look on box back."

Notable facts:

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Apple Pie Stevenson.
  • Brett Elston does first spit take in TalkRadar history at 2 hour mark.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Mikel Raparaz:
    • Said he was paid in Microsoft points.
    • Don't drag me into this bullshit.
    • That's a rumor that prisoners play videogames before we do. Another reason for taxpayers to be pissed.
    • On the Wikiparaz sound effect [26:06]:
      • Chris: "Say something wrong, Mikel."
      • Mikel: "Two plus two is seven?"
      • (Chris plays the Wikiparaz sound effect backwards.)
    • "Don't know fuck about shit!" [1:32:23-25]
  • Brett Elston:
    • "Turtles go to hell or wherever they go when they die."
    • $60 boner?
    • Wrap penis around lips and apply pressure.
  • Duke Lombardi
    • "Islam is the best religion." [1:39:02-03]
    • "Pray to Allah, douchebag."
    • "Christianity makes my tummy hurt."
    • Defeat 10 Italians to drop the spirit barrier.
  • Chris Antista:
    • Came close to sharting himself during the first break.
    • Nice solid corncob log.
    • This dumb old lady keeps alerting the news on things she pretends to hear.
    • "Call of Doot. That's that the kids are calling it these days. 'The Doot.'"
      • "What're you doing?" "I'm ridin' that Doot, byetch!" [21:25]
    • On the "Golden Axe: Beast Rider" character design: "She has an action-thong." [27:40]
    • "Isn't it justifiable if I'm buying Beast Rider on the tip of my erection?"
    • Does this make you boner?
    • I'm in trouble with the IRS. I'll give your Petz game a ten.
    • Do you buy games based on boner?
    • A-ha has one song that isn't obscure.
    • Not betting dollars to donuts it's going to be mediocre.
  • Shane Patterson
    • Can we distinguish between a good game and a fantastic game. I don't know?

Question of the Week 21: What is a game you used to hog?

  • Brett Elston: In high school, didn't let a friend play "Goldeneye". Didn't let girlfriend play "Metroid Prime".
  • Chris Antista: Didn't let his roommates play "Grand Theft Auto IV" on his new TV.
  • Shane Patterson: Didn't let girlfriend play "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City".
  • Mikel Reparaz: Girlfriend prevented him from playing "Tomb Raider".

Link: Episode 37

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