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Date: January 30th, 2009

Length: 2:07:10

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel, Tyler, and Charlie.

Special Guest(s): None

Intro: Fear-mongering Nintendo DS news report

Quote of the week: - "The GameBoy Color is a console that had titles developed exclusively for it." - "Yeah, too bad most of them are Shrek games."

Closing Words: Tyler Wilde "The podcast is ovah!!"

Closing Song: The Wire - Ex-Lion Tamer

Content Covered:

  • Top 7 Best beginnings
  • The greatest games on every platform
  • MTV Music Generator
  • The 60 biggest-selling games of the last 12 months
  • Lost [57:29-1:17:28]
  • The making of the Gabriel Knight Trilogy
  • Mega64

Notable Facts:

  • The Tyler Wilde and Chris Antista Feud comes to an end.
  • Tyler Wilde is now a college graduate.
  • Chris Antista considers Double Dragon the best opening ever.
  • Cobra Triangle is Chris Antista's favorite NES game.
  • Brett Elston's older sister is 7 years older than him and handed down the Atari 2600.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista:
    • "Henry Gilbert, the most racist person at the office."
    • On the Afro Samurai shirt: "If you are 6'4", 300 lbs, and need a nightgown."
    • Some idiot friend would watch me play and say "Dude it looks just like a movie."
    • Cobra Triangle #1 NES game of all time. I didn't want it to be a mustachioed plumber.
    • Everyday PS2 ports get older and older.
    • If anything gets the Christians to protest us, it's blaming the VCR on god.
    • This isn't journalism, I drank whiskey in front of a camera.
    • We're owned by British people. It's a jolly layoff.
    • Super Mario Yoshi Island 2 worst videogame in the series.
    • Is the Top 7 not your games you had bad grades in high school and college?
  • Mikel Reparaz:
    • "You fucker, you spoiled it!" [58:22]
    • "Play the fucking sound effect!"
    • Way to make me sound like an asshole.
    • I hate Bioshock because it was on a 360.
    • I hate that man because that man has a moustache.
    • By beat you mean jerk off.
    • This is indistinguishable from real life for me. I can't tell fantasy from reality.
    • Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Beater
    • A bottle of wine, a box of kleenex, and a bottle of lotion.
    • That's why god invented the VCR.
    • You hate GamesRadar because you were raised Catholic and we made you inspire your lustful thoughts
  • Brett Elston:
    • Charles the Chicken. I beat that game 12 years ago.
    • Are you saying if I pickup a crowbar the aliens will come?
    • If you want to know why you don't miss the early 90's watch Club Mario.
    • Dated a girl while watching the Norm McDonald Pokemon segment. Chris Antista commented: "Girlfriend's vag: melded shut."
    • MGS Snake Fight
  • From other less drunk hosts it is stated that Tyler Wilde drank half a bottle of Southern Comfort at the beginning of the podcast, while drinking beer. His ramblings were:
    • "All I'm saying... is... Depression.... we're in it."
    • "J.J. Abrams is a dipshit and Cloverfield sucks..." [59:40-1:00:05]
    • "Zach Efron is hot."
    • "I drink to forget man."
    • "You know what I reallly like? Command and Conquer."
    • "Hey, guess who's a penis? Brett Elston!" [2:00:40]
    • "I'm not pass out. I'll drive in half an hours."
    • Medal of Honor and Quake 2 made me get C's and D's in high school.
  • Charlie Barratt
    • Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is such a asshole.
    • @Antista Which level did your anus look like?

Question of the Week 20: Worst game in your favorite series?

  • Mikel Reparaz: "Grand Theft Auto Advance"
  • Chris Antista: "Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island"
  • Brett Elston: "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask"
  • Tyler Wilde: "Command and Conquer: Renegade"
  • Charlie Barratt: "Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest"

Link: Episode 36

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