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Date: May 30th, 2008

Length: 59:36

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Tyler, and Shane.

Special Guest(s): None

Intro: Intro? What intro?

Quote of the week: Chris Antista "I respect your opinion, I just think you're an asshole."

Ending Quote: Chris Antista "We're out".

Closing Song: None

Content Covered

Notable Facts:

  • Marks the first appearance of Shane Patterson.
  • Mario 2 first mentioned by Chris Antista.
  • First time Brett Elston mentioned Pokémon. (No sound effect.)
  • First TalkRadar to have a commercial break.
  • First TalkRadar without the main cast fully there; Mikel is absent. Brett and Tyler are still there, but they're off-site. (Brett being at Capcom in Las Vegas and Tyler being on his ass at home.) Interesting!
  • We hear that the bosses want them to cut down on swearing. Which doesn't last long.
  • The best selling Capcom game ever was Street Fighter 2. 6+ million copies
  • Brett's Ace Combat fandom is revealed.
  • Chris still has the Mega Man 2 box.
  • Chris's dramatic sound effect was heard in a Spongebob episode. [47:12-47:21]
  • Tyler Nagata first mentioned.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • I'm uncomfortable around strippers 'cause I hate bitches that want money from me.
    • Can't vote. Not allowed. I barely touched that kid!"[52:39-52:47]
    • "It's a mix, it's the VIRGIN Jesus. He gave birth to himself. - on the Rio de Janiero Christ the Savior statue.
    • I wanted to have her here to out her own vagina. on AJ Glasser being a girl.
    • Have you considered playing the Wii with your asshole?
    • I would not send a ninja against rocket launchers.
    • 1Up more like 1Down when it comes to reviewing games.
    • It's the game that plays itself. It's the game 2000.
    • Spin Doctors 2 Princes should have been the 3rd Prince of Persia game.
    • I can already take care of that. The bedsheets look like a Jason Pollack painting.
      • Shane "Do you mean Final Fantasy X?
  • Shane Patterson
    • That's right, this is my first time. I'm scared, but I'm sure you'll be gentle!" - his first quote.
    • Let's shit out a Wii game.
  • Brett Elston
    • I want that music played at my FUNERAL, man!" - on Mega Man II intro.
    • It's just a mishmash of a bunch of stuff. It's like 80s and crappy and worse.
    • I don't have a fear of heights, I have a fear of dying.
    • Predicted that Guitar Hero 5 had open world elements and stupid story mode. However Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock will have most of the stuff Brett Elston predicted. [47:01-52:01]
    • Brett Elston cried at the end of Mega Man II because he thought Mega Man was dead. [6:41-7:01]
    • While in Las Vegas for a Capcom event, Brett's hotel room was trashed. After going to complain about it, he saw a man in an elevator throw up in a trash can.[28:21-30:45]
    • I caught all the Pokemon
      • Chris "Then you turned 11."
  • Tyler Wilde

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