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Date: October 10th, 2008

Length: 2:05:58

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel, and Charlie.

Special Guest(s): Dan Amrich Brief appearance

Quote of the week: “Dawg, you somethin’ ta say ‘bout Gears of War 2, or are you bullshittin’ on Front Street?”

Intro: NCIS

Closing Words: Brett Elston "Welcome back, shitface."

Closing Song: South Central - Aeon

Content Covered:

  • Popular videogame sound effect quiz.
  • Jazz Jackrabbit Engrish review

Notable Facts:

  • First podcast to be over two hours in length; gong sound effect used seven times.
  • Brett Elston requested a Wikiparaz sound effect.
  • Trace amounts of DJ morning radio voice used by Chris Antista for the Popular videogame sound effect quiz.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista:
    • "Have you ever been clotheslined by a pube?"
    • "Fuck you, readers."
    • I'm pinching my penis to stop from peeing in the boardroom.
    • Fuck me with a death gun.
    • "Fortuneness. Is that a word Mikel?"
    • (On the Tokyo Game Show) "The Japanese only have 4 pubes."
    • "Japanese are born with square pubic hair."
    • (Talking about a Yoshi sound effect) "That is the sound of an Italian fucking a dinosaur."
    • "Arcades' biggest export should have been pedophiles."
    • "Dave Matthews had a three-day clarinet festival."
    • "Honey, I shrunk the boner."
    • "When you said there was no alcohol, I was crushed."
    • You can learn from Tyler.
    • Drug free Dan Amrich being champion of all the arcade games.
    • @Dan "Stop back anytime, but bring a laptop and headset."
    • "GDC is 5 blocks away from my house and I wished I didn't need to go."
    • I wish I could say I'm friends with Anamanaguchi
    • I hope to predict PAX will be the next biggest convention.
    • Shane and his awful elf fetish.
    • I should be fired or stop drinking.
    • Underappreciated in my time. Fuck you, Internet.
    • Pubes get larger and blurrier.
    • I'm the hairy, ugly, smelly stereotype.
    • Mouthful of cock, it doesn't matter.
    • Earth Defense Force 2014.
      • Mikel "It's 2017!"
    • Miyamoto is riding the Wii music crest.
    • (As Cliffy B) "Dog you got something to say about Gears of War you're bullshitin on Front Streeeeeeet"
  • Brett Elston:
    • Saw Starship Troopers opening night Nov. 7, 1997.
    • Cliffy Boner is right.
    • Also due to no Asians in his hometown of Illinois, he finds any remotely Asian girls hot.
    • "Remember arcades? No you don't."
    • CAX "People wheel in their arcade machines and jerk off in each others faces."
    • This is where I'm supposed to be. Nerd capital. Everyone here is my friend.
    • I was a huge fucking nerd in the 7th grade.
    • "mandoesanyonewanttolistentotherestofthismotherfuckingpodcast?" (33:24)
    • "God I wish I could marry Cliffy B"
    • "You could call me BB!"
  • Mikel Reparaz
    • (On E3) "They need to rid the Blockbuster employees. I'm sick and tired of getting stuck going to appointments and two morbidly obese slow people are blocking the way."
    • "LEIPZIG!" 25:08-09
    • "LEIPZIG UN FUHRER!" 25:18-19
    • "I don't listen to podcasts, I only eat mayonnaise sandwiches."
    • "My dog likes to eat his own poop."
    • "I can smell it. Like skin that has never taken a bath."
    • [Pac-Man] was originally called Fuck-Man.
      • Antista "It was shaped as a piece of fuck. I can fuck this."
  • Charlie Barratt
    • Vader just don't understand.
  • Dan Amrich
    • What was the last game Wiz Kids done for Williams? The game was Blaster3D sequel to Defender.
      • Antista "Still bored"

Question of the Week: Worst Shitty Game You Played a Lot?

  • Chris Antista: Altered Beast
  • Mikel Reparaz: L.A. Beatdown
  • Brett Elston: ?

Link: Episode 22

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