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Date: May 23rd, 2008

Length: 50:54

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel, and Tyler.

Special Guest(s): None.

Intro: "Let's knock them on their asses." idk from what

Quote of the week: "Now the goal is, 'how many games can [developers] squeeze out before they have to wipe?'".

Closing Words: Brett Elston: "Goodbye Brett".

Closing Song: Short Circuit 2

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • Squibidyflop coined 5:19 in the podcast.
  • Brett Elston mentions Toys R' Us and Animal Crossing for the first time on TalkRadar.
  • This is the first episode referred to as TalkRadar.
  • Tyler's mother is a gamer. [32:22-32:39]
  • Alone in the Dark scoring music was the first music to be played in the background
  • Before the end of the podcast, the Anal Sax from Short Circuit 5 was played.
  • Brett Elston didn't want Simian Acres to be played. Chris Antista wanted Turbo Turtle, but Brett wanted it to wait. [It was a 98 podcast wait]
  • As a child Chris Antista set gasoline fires to recreate the flaming tire marks from Back to the Future.
  • Antista's lifelong friend Spicules is indirectly mentioned.
  • First time Antista said something bad about his mother. Plenty more to come.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • mentions his mother for the first time (negatively). [32:28-32:57]
    • Also, he mentioned that, as a child he stole a Super Scope from a friend. Later, he stole the Super Scope's sensor. [37:25-37:47]
    • Chris is also the head editor of dick jokes! [1:06-1:07]
    • Trust Company reminds him of how much he hates his dad. [5:55-6:29]
    • used to go out and make tire tracks with a can of gasoline and matches. [9:15-9:29]
    • "What was the other song by Trust Company? 'I didn't make the football team?'"
    • Could you imagine erection in hand, on your local porn site, and your face is on it?
    • My boner sounded like a deflated balloon.
    • I want a new podcast.
    • I hate fucking Gamestop.
    • (Fixing consoles) How you fix it is you throw a towel around it, start it up, and dunk it in a bucket of water. Make sure it is plugged in.
    • A mouse and keyboard were never meant for FPS.
    • The act of holding a gun and murdering somebody is what all games should set out and achieve/
    • The Arsenio Hall game is just around the corner.
    • They're going to have some title that will blow asses on our dicks.
    • Shane said they should change the Wii name to the Nintendo Mario. That's pretty much all there is now.
    • The console war which none of them are fit to fight.
  • Tyler Wilde:
    • "The weather at the North Pole is extreme, blowing up abortion clinics is extreme...What makes falling off your skateboard and getting your nose ring caught in the wheels more extreme?"
    • "The only thing extreme about Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball was the amount of blood in my erection" quoting Chris (who quoted the bible)
    • "They have dynamic fire that spreads dynamically"
  • Brett Elston:
    • "Right, back to the article we were discussing and not your mother's blowjobs..."
    • It's like marketing to Bart Simpson in the 90's.
    • (Discussing the Super Scope) "You mean that revolutionary infrared sensor? Man, I wish they'd make a new console with BULLSHIT like that!" [37:40 ish]
    • Good hatred of GameStop when Brett tries to return a disc to guys who don't know shit about dick. [13:42-14:22]
    • You want to hear a great soundtrack, fucking check this out. [On Simian Acres]
    • Let me ask the guy who knows shit about dick.
    • Wii filled to the fuckin tits.
    • A rated M competent action game on Wii is like "Do you want to sell 12 copies or 13?"
  • Mikel Reparaz:
    • "Incidentally, by mentioning Haze and Halo in the same sentence, I bet I get more hate mail than all of you put together."
    • "My boner must be avenged!"
    • There going to extend the friend code to 42 digits.
    • Wii, when we could get excited about it. What was limitless potential is now a horrible reality.

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