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Date: January 20, 2012

Length: 2:32:03

Hosts: Mikel, Cooper, Michael, and Chris

Special Guest(s): None

Intro: The Big Bang Theory

Closing Words: Chris: We miss you, Hudson.

Closing Song: Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu - Ending Theme

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • As the title suggests, Henry Gilbert hates Super Mario World and Super Mario in general.
  • This episode is sponsored by Turtle Beach.
  • TalkRadar Final Fantasy meet up in San Fran week after.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Beard Jokes
  • Henry really does hate Super Mario World 22:05-24:10
  • WHAT? Top 7...Wife Related Plot Twists 28:00-31:10
  • Blue people in Doug are black! 46:00-48:30
  • Uncharted Drake's Devotion 1:21:10-1:24:00
  • Chris got molested through Pico-Chat in his mid 20s 1:59:20-50

Chris Antista

  • Mikel will become the Howard Hughes of Games Journalism.
  • What does an Irish folklore hero do? Stay sober?
    • Mikel: I don’t mean to be racist but the Irish are sensitive about that (Irish joke)
    • Cooper: They are also drunks
  • I can’t move my arm very much; even clenching a controller hurts a little bit but-
    • Grimm: after a 3 hour masturbation session sure you are exhausted
  • Yeah right after my cock looks like a chicken cutlet I can’t help but stop, it looks sunburnt... It looks like Clint Eastwoods’ lips after being stuck in the sun in the Good the Bad and the Ugly.
  • I love the bible and as a devote Christian I do know the bible does state compensations for beating women and slaves. If different if you kill them though

Mikel Reparaz

  • I’m hoping my beard comes back less kinky, individual hairs were just like bent in the middle-
    • Cooper: Oh we thought sexy, kinky.
  • (On Far Cry 2 map) It’s realistic because you are using a paper map that updates in real time.
  • (Henry) So drunk he can’t even spell his own name right on twitter
  • I hope we see Adventure Island: Act Zero
  • Pixel Junk: Shit Cocks

Michael Grimm

  • If you run water over bacon that’s food
  • Eat Pray Treasure Hunt
  • They were tan because they were rich, I always get the impression that Patty Mayonnaise
    • Chris: Patty was a fucking hick and that’s why she was so hot! She had the white trash thing going on!
    • Cooper: Big southern tits…
  • Google your local congressman and look at their website and look how it looks like something from fucking 1998 because they don’t know shit about the internet.
  • (After Mikel’s Jury duty story) They interviewed you and you showed up naked masturbating the entire time
    • Cooper: I understand you have to deal with the robot uprising. BUT IF YOU GO PLAY A FEW LEVELS OF DEFENCE GRID, YOU’LL KNOW HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE WORLD!
    • Chris: You’re way more Jewish in the Future
    • Cooper: That’s because we are the only ones left

Hollander Cooper

  • (After Marcus Fenix sounds) Oh god! Jake! Finn help Jake! He’s dying!
  • (Hero Academy’s Ads) Every time you take a turn or go to the main menu it’s just like “SEXY SINGLES IN YOUR AREA, NEW SEXY SINGLES IN YOUR AREA!
    • Grimm: What if I was looking for sexy singles in my area?
    • Chris: You better check underneath your chair!
    • Grimm: Hey whoa uh! Sexy single get out from under there! Your in my area! My Private area…

QOTW: What Game Have you been playing for the past 3-4 weeks? 1:50:00-2:17:30

  • Chris: Dustforce
  • Cooper: Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Michael: League of Legends; Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3; Mother 3
  • Mikel: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Link: TalkRadar 195 - Henry hates Super Mario World

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