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Date: September 19th, 2008

Length: 1:21:56

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel, Charlie, and Shane.

Special Guest(s): None

Intro: Muppet Babies

Quote of the week: “Press ‘A’ to adjust your pants.”

Closing Words: Brett: "Now we've got a wallpaper, for all you TDards out there."

Closing Song: Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes

Content Covered:

  • Top 7 Game-changing cheats
  • Dragon Quest IV
  • Mega Man 9 Bosses
  • Worst Rock-Star Cameos of All Time
  • Wireless instruments for Rock Band 2

Notable Facts:

  • Tomb Raider was the cause of Chris Antista's first gaming boner.
  • Shane Patterson's conversion on X-Play's The Force Unleashed score was "4 Morgan Webb penises".
  • Gong sound effect used to start 3rd segment.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • "Men Without Hats. They performed the Dangerous Dance."
    • Shoplifting story at Wal Mart over Donkey Kong Country 2 in 1995. Ran away from cops that drawn guns on him. [58:16-1:04:07]
    • First Gaming boner I got was from Tomb Raider. [19:40]
    • "Rockaman has no pubic hair. Like we haven't seen Japanese porno."
    • "I'll be there like Michael Jackson."
    • Which editor takes off their shirt. Will it be Franchesa Reyes, Veronica Belmont, or Dan Amrich?
    • COD WaW boycott this game.
    • Push the left stick not to miss your family.
    • Whoever gets a $1000 worth of stolen DVD's gets a free $10 T-shirt.
    • We made an extra billion dollars. Why? We got rid of our return policy.
  • Brett Elston
    • Thought new instrument of Wii Music was an abortion clinic. 46:03-47:33
    • Another Toys 'R' Us story about how people would steal Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon cards and would flush the wrapping down the toilet. Later, those toilets blew up on a female employee, and a co-worker had to buy her new panties. 1:04:55-1:05:34
    • I have a question to ask you fucks on the forums.
    • To steal Donkey Kong Country 2 means it's 1995. It means your 15.
  • Mikel Reparaz
    • "Oscar Schindler the wacky factory man."
    • FUCK YOU MICHAEL BAY! [1:17:49-51]
    • Press X to fall overboard and die.
  • Charlie Barratt
    • "Top 7 Games Chris masturbated to."
    • "Why don't you take our lunch money now."
  • Shane Patterson
    • I'm the youngest, but I don't have Spiderman toys cluttering my desk.

Question of the Week 2: Biggest lie, scam, steal you accomplished.

  • Brett Elston: returned all Sega Genesis games and CD and got a PS1, 2 controllers, and a memory card for free. Also stole some games from an unspecified friend.
  • Charlie Barratt: Using Gamefly and getting a couple games by saying they were lost or stolen in the mail.
  • Mikel Reparaz: Got a 6 pack of games and the Genesis for $15 at Toys' R' Us mix up due to the tickets.

Link: Episode 19

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