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Date: September 12th, 2008

Length: 1:26:07

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel, and Shane.

Special Guest(s): None

Intro: The Simpsons

Quote of the week: “Did that kid in the videogame shirt just say he has a crush on every boy?”

Closing Words: Everyone "Goodbye!"

Closing Song: Earth Wind And Fire - September

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • Al Jolson sound effect "Mammy" first used at [17:10]
  • Features the gong sound effect.
  • 2nd appearance of Duke Lombardi .
    • Reviews Nintendogs.
    • Went through a divorce and his last puppy, Eisenhower, died. The city of Chicago ordained that he can't own dogs until 2015.
    • Final score: 11/17 hats.
  • Chris Antista won NHL 95 on Sega Saturn for a Tiny Toons Trivia Contest on a local TV show.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista:
    • Wants a kid to die playing Wii Music. [13:03-13:34]
    • Describes PC gamers as Elitist obnoxious shitheads. [40:21-40:22]
    • "Act Two of TalkRadar is in your dick."
    • Our job is not sought out for our well respected.
    • Remember the time you removed bicycle spades from a guy's asshole?
    • "Act three anus fucks."
    • That's Jinglecats from 1995, but nobody can tell the fucking difference.
    • I don't watch House, but I did watch the clip on the internet of the 9 year old masturbating girl.
    • First use of the Michael Caine impersonation. [1:02:36-1:03:37]
    • Talked about Counter-Strike again in this podcast.[1:12:55-1:13:41]
    • Wore a Power Glove at Wal-Mart ran the wire through his sleeve. A woman thought he was retarded. [1:16:13-1:18:15]
  • Mikel Reparaz
    • "I was raised by English majors. English majors that found me in a forest and adopted me and raised me as their own." [2:50-3:04]
    • "Mammy! The obvious joke."
    • Exposes Nintendogs as the biggest videogame scam of all time. All dogs were on all the cartridges you just needed to unlock them. [20:45-21:29]
      • "Oh my god I bought all three! Mammy!"
    • Hates when describing his job to non gamers. Feels like a person in rainbow suspenders with a propeller beanie. [18:23-22:31]
    • For Wii Music: "Remote needs to go through head and HDTV. Needs to be a double loss." [13:31-13:34]
    • "It's about three kingdoms that have a romance." When three kingdoms love each other very much..... Chris."
    • (Mercenaries 2) "When a development team needs another 6 months, and doesn't get it."
    • Rageparaz
      • "Shut the fuck up!" moment at [1:24:40]
      • "Fucking questions, fucking ask them!" at [1:08:09]
      • "Fuck you!" at [28:15]
  • Brett Elston
    • "Cool, bowling." [8:52-9:06]
    • "Fo-giv-uness, preeze!" and gong at [20:34]
    • On Nintendogs: "I can see its hard to own a dog in Japan" Chris Antista: "Without eating it?" [20:23-20:24]
    • "I have a crush on every boy." (Quoting the Teen Girl Squad.) [1:14:58-1:15:58]
      • In a redneck voice: "Did the kid in the videogame shirt said he had a crush on every boy?"
  • Shane Patterson
    • "My last girlfriend was an accountant. That's great I don't give a shit."

Question of the Week 1: Biggest lie you told to play videogames?

  • Brett Elston skipped high school in 1996 to play "Chrono Trigger".
  • Shane Patterson skipped all his AP classes to play "Metal Gear Solid 2".
  • Mikel Reparaz faked stomach flu to play "King's Quest V".
  • Chris Antista lied to his girlfriend to play "Counter Strike".

Link: Episode 18

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