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Date: April 15, 2011

Length: 3:00:58

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Henry

Special Guest(s): Matt

Intro: Mortal Kombat

Closing Song: Bird Peterson - Goro's Theme

Closing Words: Brett: "It is no longer combat time."

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

Ass faggots was the network name of where Chris Antista used to live.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • Johnny Cage is down but if you raise up the amulets we told you to buy maybe he can be saved.
    • Michael Grimm is like 6' 11" and throwing kids in the pit.
    • Frank West, we shouldn't have combined Chuck Norris and Seth Green into one character.
    • Lizzie came to say bye. The Glowing Stars don't go there. It's nothing but Golden Butthole.
    • I believe King Jesus.
    • The rapture of the nonbelievers who didn't throw money at God which is wrong which is why I do it everyday.
    • First of all its very rare that the church as been wrong about anything.
    • Mind if I check you for fisting wounds?
    • Imagine a priest like Jim Henson and you are Kermit the Frog.
    • I'm talking about things to put your penis in. Beef curtains, meat mounds, I'll take all of that.
    • Come on, we're men, we should talk about pussy. I'm not talking about baby pussy.
    • I'm upset every 20 minutes at work.
    • I don't think I would be find guilty if I was a rape millionaire.
    • You would be amazed by the rape I've gotten away with as a thousandaire.
    • Not anymore because I work at GamesRadar now I'm a dozenaire.
    • I would love to have sex with Pocahantas.
    • Second they always answer to what they are wrong about whether molesting boys or predicting armageddon.
    • Superman shooting laser beams in Raiden's face.
      • Brett "It's heat vision."
  • Brett Elston
    • A merger that was unfunctionality compromise where neither one was enjoyable.
    • Quick morph into the host.
    • (Custer's Revenge) It did not accurately portray the rape of a Native American.
      • Chris "We used to get away with it all the time."
    • Christianity started in America.
    • "...I guess I'll just go home and punch myself in the dick until I fall asleep."
    • Sorry I don't rule Outworld on false pretenses.
    • Peelander Z so many mike.
  • Henry Gilbert
    • Kobe Bryant got fined $100,000 for saying faggot. I wonder how much he was fined for the rape.

Question of the Week: Got a favorite Mortal Kombat memory?

  • Henry: Watching the MK movie with a large group of his friends.
  • Chris: Connecting with his cousin over MK fatalities.
  • Brett: Watching the MK movie five times in the theater; Playing as Shang Tsung, morphing into who he was fighting, and using their fatality against them.
  • Matt: Playing MK II at a movie theater for the first time; Discovering MK at a Comics and Cards Shop

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