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Date: April 8, 2011

Length: 2:39:55

Hosts: Chris, Mikel, Henry and Tyler Wilde

Special Guest(s): none

Intro: Trailer Park Boys

Closing Song: Team Teamwork - Touch The Sky

Closing Words: Tyler: "Dammit"

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • We're the only podcast that has the balls to talk about the next generation of Carebears.
    • I was shit out the mouth.
    • I jerked off a lot to Archie comics.
    • "Always in unitards... That's one retard."
    • If I'm depressed I'm not going to associate it with a 90 hour RPG.
    • We have to talk about Mortal Kombat. It's more important than whatever literary author you're talking about.
    • Reddit you don't read our site, I don't care. Maybe give me a dollar and maybe change my mind.
    • (Henry) You don't think gay people play videogames? You think gay gamers are a myth created by Fox News?
    • My favorite color is every color except black.
      • Tyler "black isn't a color, it's the abscence of color."
  • Mikel Reparaz
    • Warriors is the basis of brawlers.
    • We have his signature. Change his identity!
    • Can he create an item the robots want most and give it to them as an act of diplomacy?
  • Tyler Wilde
    • 1:46:09 - Tells story of his attempt to play PlanetSide
    • Dino Day nothing about that game looks unawesome.
    • Yellow is a better color of a lantern.
    • I play Solitaire sometimes.
    • Doug Lombardi doesn't add money attachments to his e-mail.
    • Everytime I say Portal 2 I get $500. I wish.
    • Can someone make a documentary of the lives of games journalists? We live in a part of a town where people who get bribes live. Polticians live there.
    • How many movies have Mark Whalberg ruined. 8?
    • Why can't the Green Lantern make a gun that wins the game?
    • Why can't the Green Lantern get a genie that makes infinite wishes.
      • Henry "That's not what the Green Lantern does."
  • Henry Gilbert
    • The show jumped the shark with Carebear cousins.
    • I want a wrestling game that is quote on quote real.
    • I'm very closed minded.

Question of the Week: Got a fond TalkRadar memory?

  • Chris: Parading his bike and being recognized at Wondercon.
  • Tyler: Performing in Christmas Special '10; Listening to the King of Names segment.
  • Henry: Appearing on the podcast for the first time.
  • Mikel: Performing the King and the Architect sketch; Creating Duke Lombardi.

Link: TalkRadar 146

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