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Date: March 25, 2011

Length: 2:33:21

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel, Tyler W, Henry

Special Guest(s):

Intro: Twilight Zone: The Movie

Closing Words: Everyone: "Bye!' (Henry dies in the background)

Closing Song: Donkey Kong Country Aquatic Ambiance remix

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • Memories of rape in that one anime, Ninja Scroll.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris:
    • (regarding Strangleme) ...Or if he was at Disney, he'd be 'TangleMe'. [11:20]
    • (in response to Brett's justification of the looping '#1' SFX) TURbo, prove Elston wrong; I can not believe he would do something like that. [24:16]
    • First of all, that's not my Xbox. That is work's; I stole that from there almost a year ago. Yes... mine's is broken, your's is broken...and you could pull it off the shelf and really damage a piece of work equipment. [22:58]
    • Bionical I gave it a 6. I wished I dropped that score into the oblivion.
    • (in reference to seeing a female Umbreon cosplayer at Pax East 2011) I just want to see her more. I felt so creepy... [53:25]
    • Everything you have on your body is a recipe for an erection.
    • FaceRaiders is one consanant off from something awesome.
    • I watch a lot of porn. I do want to ask a porn question before talking about the 3DS.
    • I want to ask one porn question.
    • He's basically a god if he is infalliable and can't be reproduced.
    • If you're thinking about joining the Army, I will pay for your college. My email is reparaz@future.
    • ...This is the worst Game Deals ever. [1:41:52]
    • Crysis made it self a $15,000 game.
      • Brett "Now it is $60 and I don't care."
    • Monkey Ball is SO. FUCKING. Mokeyball.[1:47:28]
    • Grab your girlfriend and do what is natural.
      • Brett "Lay eggs."
  • Brett:
    • (regarding Strangleme) If he were in Texas he would be 'WrangleMe'. [11:16]
    • (after Chris yells "TIME OUT!" to end the others' anime discussion) Are you Foghorn Leghorn all of a sudden?!? [36:18]
    • (in response to Mikel having to review a Bionicle GBA game) That's literally like someone mailing you a punch in the dick: just of the spring-loaded fist, says "Hold By Crotch"... "Well, all right...OH! Why did I do that?!" [43:57]
    • You don't want to google FaceRaiders.
    • I will watch a good hentai.
  • Mikel:
    • ...It's Vikings letting out their inner African? [6:22]
    • (in response to Tyler) No, they took Halo away from my platform, which was the Macintosh. [14:10]
    • ...You know its just a distraction that... prolonging the, eh, inevitable heat death of the universe. (laughs) Just think: in a few million years, everything we've done and loved will be dust. [25:11]
    • Who wants to see Bart fucking Lisa? Why?
    • Nothing kills your boner faster.
    • Jesus McHitler Dick.
    • For some reason Gentiles love it.
  • Henry:
  • Cough*Chough*CHOUGH*HACK*Cough*Hack*Chough*Chough*
  • Tyler:
    • (during the Top 7) ...But it's more annoying when it's like your girlfriend is watching...uh, the Food Network... uh... well, I love the Food Network, but... [7:12]
    • (in response to Brett's Crotch-Punches-by-Mail) I'm just gonna stop opening my mail, man! I keep getting these dick-punches! [44:05]
    • (in reference to the Umbreon girl Chris saw) Gotta Bone 'Em All! [53:59]
    • It's like pushing on a nipple. You have to squeeze it.
    • There's a Chinese company and they're producing the 2DS for $50.
    • Who's your favorite 5 year old?
    • I forgot about lose-your-boner tuesday.
    • You would like us more if your parents died.
    • I love disgustafish.
    • Ahhhahahaaa, Kengo! Master of Bushido!
    • I want to play text adventures on the 3DS, the text will pop out.
    • If you don't have an article for Lose your boner Wednesday take a picture of yourself. Just kidding you give me erections.

Question of the Week: Got a console launch story?

  • Chris: Dreamcast, pre-ordered it and recieved a T-shirt; N64, his mom reserved it but he gave it to his rich friend instead.
  • Brett: PSX, got the system, two controllers, and two games for free. GameCube, climbed through a package truck to find one. DS, stayed up all night watching The Two Towers special features before buying it.
  • Mikel: Dreamcast, got it the day after launch due to being out of town; 360, covered the launch event at GameStop for a newspaper and it was lame.
  • Tyler: Dreamcast, it broke on the first day after being dragged off a high shelf by his dog; PS2, hid it in his closet in anger after playing Kengo: Master of Bushido; PS3, someone got shot but it had nothing to do with him.
  • Henry: N64, it was uneventful. GameCube, because it was his first console launch as an adult, he drove to pick it up and was forced to drive a friend to work before playing it.

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