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Date: March 4, 2011

Length: 2:55:37

Hosts: Chris, Mikel, Brett, Henry , Tyler N and Carolyn

Special Guests: None

Break Song: Busta Rhymes Pokemon Remix

Intro: Dexter

Closing Words: Chris: "Here it is."

Closing Song: Milliarto's Cover of Portal's "Still Alive"

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • First time Chris and Carolyn were on a full episode on TalkRadar together.
  • Question of the Week was directed at a member of the staff.
  • Francesca Reyes makes podcast debut ("Hi").
  • Number One looped 43 times in a row.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • "Oh, but can I use my Chocodile?"
    • Anyone want to trade Clit Beast?
    • Future US sold IGN in 2005 and we've been chasing it ever since.
    • High school, other than football and pregancy that is the only thing people are professional at.
    • Kids, if you take anything from this podcast, don't kill yourself.
    • I have a fun job everyday. In summation kill yourself. It doesn't get better. I'll probably take you with me.
    • If anybody can get me cocaine, it would be so awesome.
    • I love smoking. I would rather die of lunch cancer than to stop smoking.
    • I see what your are saying. My analogy must be a tacqueria.
    • I saw Leslie Nielsen do it once in a '70s movie. He fights a bear after trying to rape a girl.
    • The kid had an Elmo backpack, so I felt justified sticking my hand in it."
    • Why did you purchase the Wii music again? Mistake.
    • I would go to Detroit to work for Dick Jones. That's how deep I go into Robocop.
    • "We were watching a show the other day, and I was just like 'I just want a kid'."
      • Brett "Just get a fucking cat!"
      • Mikel "No, Chris. Get a fucking cat."
    • What show do you recommend to Henry?
      • Brett "Family Guy."
  • Mikel Reparaz
    • I guess you could fuck a jello mold.
    • Chrysler: our cars drive like abandoned skyscrapers.
    • "Somewhere in Japan, there is slime you can fuck."
  • Brett Elston
    • The cake is fake.
  • Tyler Nagata
    • Family Guy is tearing this family apart.
    • The cake is a Law.
  • Henry Gilbert
    • Henry goes on and on about Family Guy, claiming that there are no jokes, just references.
    • The sexiest mom Pokemon ever had. (Pokemon Black/White)
    • Family Guy rant 2:25:00-ish
  • Carolyn Gudmunson

Question of the Week: What's up Hank's ass?

  • No answers given.

Link: Episode 141

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