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TalkRadar 139

Date: Februaury 18, 2011

Length: 2:52:51

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel and Michael

Special Guest(s): Seth Killian

Intro: Captain America

Closing Words: Seth: "It's been awesome."

Closing Song: Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ending Credits Theme

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • 53 episode hiatus of Seth Killian comes to a end
  • 1st time The Glowing Stars was played "I Know Now" first played in 1st break.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • I've spent $200 on Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and I haven't bought the game.
    • I live with Tyler Wilde and he can walk in to me jerking off at any moment.
    • I'm afraid to shit down someone's neck.
    • Mikel Cubikal the frowniest beard you ever seen.
    • Did you get stanky on your hangdown?
      • Michael "Yes, you don't drop that kind of cash.
    • It is very unorthodox space docking.
    • My grandma was a model in the '40s or a prostitute.
    • Hasbro owns most of the board game companies.
      • Michael "Cool story, Hasbro."
    • Kids, there are safer ways to space dock.
    • DC capes for Marvel characters.
    • We will have to spend a whole section on worse things to jerk off to.
    • Slowly, my dad is a baby gorilla. He looks awful.
    • He's a Mexican wolfboy, but he's an Italian man.
    • I discovered men. When I discovered I could fuck you guys, all bets were off.
    • Sethual Healing.
    • Commit suicide, that is different from wanting to die.
    • I don't know how to resolve a cool suicide.
    • All I can be remembered for is an extravagant suicide.
    • What they did say about the hair is it captures phermones that captures in your body which explains why I get laid constantly.
    • Fucking idiots listening will contact my girlfriend and say, "Do you know what Chris said about you? You're fat, you're a bitch, you talk to much, and now I will be quoted out of context."
    • I wouldn't care if there was a single female listener I could rebound with.
  • Brett Elston
    • My nephew has MW2 on DS. It's an N64 FPS from 2000, and you aim with a stylus. If you think it sounds bad, it is. There are two multiplayer modes: shoot and disconnect.
    • The lung capacity of a Transformer is infinite.
    • Chris, the one thing you were supposed to remember is not forget.
    • I'm getting a washer and a dryer. I might as well die.
  • Mikel Reparaz
    • Why the fuck are Meditteranean types so hairy?
    • She is smarter than a bag of hammers.
    • Why don't you grow a moustache and wear a tie to run for city council?
  • Michael Grimm
    • I headbutted the ground. I'm not pround of that.
    • My mom was decapicated by Johnny Cage.
      • Chris "Was she blowing someone, because that would have been embarrassing."
  • Seth Killian
    • Kellogg's vs. Capcom is a very popular request.
    • All the winners now can do drugs and graffiti.
    • Must be the expensive DLC
    • I played for money, I played for food, but I have never played for a man's body.

Question of the Week: What's a game name or character you used to mispronounce?

  • Brett: Guile as "Gully"; Ryo Hayabusa as "Rīu Habsua"; Faxanadu as "Fazannadew"; PoPoLoCrois
  • Mikel: Ryu as "Rīu"; Gradius
  • Chris: Suikoden as "Suckyden"; Xevious as "Exevious"; Ys as "Whys"; Ar tonelico
  • Michael: Ninja Gaiden as "Ninja Gayden"
  • Seth: Ryo as "Rīu" or "Roo"; Xexys as "Zekas"

Link: Episode 139

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