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Date: February 11th, 2011

TalkRadar 138

Length: 2:37:08

Hosts: Carolyn, Mikel, Tyler W, Michael, Henry and Tyler N

Special Guest(s):

Intro: Charlie Brown Valentines Day

Closing Words: Tyler: "You're over!"

Closing Song: Misfits - We are 138

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • Carolyn hosts this episode
  • Chris and Brett are absent. First time ever.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Carolyn Gudmunson as the spirit of Chris Antista
    • (As the Spirit of Chris Antista) "Well my dumbass girlfriend was trying to plug in her television and she didn't know what plug to put in the hole."
    • "Shut up everybody, Is that what Chris says?"
    • "Married people don't do it."
    • Whisper: "The holocaust"
    • "I have a uncle who works for Microsoft in Japan."
    • I have 800 pokemon.
    • He said they are coming out with the Xbox 180 2x powerful as 360 and has 3 screens.
    • To Tyler Nagata: "Didn't you go to titty city?"
    • The holocaust.
  • Tyler Wilde
    • (Pokemon Black & White) "That's actually 2 games."
    • "There boos are sharper than their blades. Cmon Bushido Blade."
    • "Can you please turn your nipple hair Chris?"
    • Microsoft Air, the handheld you don't see or feel. Air Make your own fun.
    • "Chris had odd nipple hair"
    • "I have weird long pubes coming out of my shoulders."
    • (Antista) "He was drinking and twisting his nipplehair."
    • "Carolyn doesn't understand how to put a ball into a net."
    • "I like the anime where Sailor Moon has sex with the characters from Neon Genesis."
    • Mikel Reparaz: "I like the one where Robocop is fucking Batman."
    • "If they're listening to us while having sex, let's fuck them."
    • If you could ask Tyler Wilde any question what would it be.
    • "If I stripper falls on my penis and doesn't make a sound......"
    • "I can't wait to read it and rub my nipples."
    • "I dedicate this podcast to Chris Antista. My friend, my roommate, my lover."
    • Your mother at your bed looking you in the eye.
    • Pleading you to stop this filthiness, but you won't.
      • Mikel "Like he's on facebook."
  • Michael Grimm
    • "We got jerking off videos left and right here."
    • This music gets me in touch with a Weeaboo roots.
  • Mikel Reparaz
    • To Carolyn: "Did you watch a shiny Raichu shit on its own balls next to his favorite arcade?"
    • "The best part about the game is Danny Trejo plays a buffer version of himself."
    • "The clown lives in the van, go and meet him."
    • "2 farts by sea, 1 fart by land."
    • (Toad) "My dick looks like a mushroom too!"
    • Any sandbox game that gets canceled is a tradgedy to me.
    • Deja Vu means already seen. That's a horrible name for a strip club.
    • Kevin Butler isn't real. He's an actor.
    • Do not mention Kim Kardashian and celebrity in the same sentence.
    • Oh my god lady fuck you. [1:35:46-1:35:51]
    • "FUCK YOU"
    • "Steven Jobs has been dying of secret cancer for the past 20 years."
    • I'm going to Japan to teach English.
    • To Tyler: "You're unimportant and everyone hates you."
    • About Chris' girlfriend: "I'm sure she's thrilled that she will be mentioned on this podcast."
    • "Dan Amrich, why did you personally destroy Guitar Hero?"
    • "I like the one where Robocop is fucking Batman"
    • An ambulance crashes into another ambulance. Severed heads all over the road. Blood everywhere.
  • Henry Gilbert
    • "Ridge Racer has been spinning its wheels for the past decade."(HEYOOOO)
  • Tyler Nagata
    • "The Triforce is the butterfly of gaming tattoos."
    • "Did you throw pennies at prostitutes?"
      • Mikel Reparaz: "I threw bricks."
    • "I have the upmost respect for the performing arts.(strippers)"

Question of the Week: What Gaming Tatoo Would You Get?

  • Carolyn: Triforce
  • Mikel: Dig Dug blowing up a Pooka
  • Tyler Wilde: Bolo tank 5 pixels; Super Meat Boy's face
  • Henry: Pixelated Mario from Donkey Kong ('94); Nintendo Seal of Quality on his butt. (First winner of QOTW)
  • Tyler Nagata: Warhammer themed tattoo.

Link: Episode 138

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