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Date: January 7th, 2011

Length: 3:21:09

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel, Tyler, Henry, and Charlie

Special Guest(s):

Intro: The Usual Suspects

Closing Words: Chris: "Baker Street, take us out"

Closing Song: Chiptune Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty.

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • The second longest episode to date, topped only by the insane #100 special
  • Tyler Wilde left after 10 minutes to get a parking spot
  • David Wise has listened to TalkRadar and loved it
  • The King and the Architect sketch from Episode 102 played again

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • Dirrehrabietes.
    • @Brett It's because you tweet about gay ass bullshit.
    • What's wrong with being treated like a piece of sexual meat. Charlie has no problem with it.
    • As the closest thing to a woman it shouldn't bother them.
    • You're a piece of meat with a lot of mustard or relish.
    • (mom) A fat fucking cow that has no idea how to use a Wii.
    • Look for my user created level Allah has the biggest dick. The tip is a bomb.
    • Funk the funk out of the kids.
    • I want George Clinton to look like with a mouthful of children's dicks. Like a full pack of Kid Dick cigarettes.
    • Should be Heavy Rape.
    • TalkRadar Quotes I owe you a punch in the mouth.
    • I'll fuck you with the fuckiest fuck that has ever fucked.
    • I'll fuck your cable bill, I will fuck your ice tray. I will fuck everything you owned.
    • I will come to your house and fuck everything that is an heirloom.
    • Guy walks into a bar and says I can fuck any women in this bar. The bartender says how so. Because I'm a rapist.
    • Here's what I do. Whenever your 360 goes dead, borrow a 360 from work and never bring it back.
    • I'm a rapist Sly
    • Mikel will semantic you to death.
    • Bentley is the most handicappable character.
    • I love my girlfriend. Sort of.
    • I don't think I could have sounded more out of touch with women and meat.
    • Sir no jerk off while you're calling. It will make the call better.
    • Have you worked on your resume at work? I have.
    • Fuck me
      • Brett "No."
  • Mikel Reparaz
    • I'm vomiting out my ass.
    • What I got from Chris is he wants George Clinton to fuck kids.
    • Elementary my dear Twatson.
    • She's a girl? She can't do anything until we tell her.
    • I hope I never need to look David Cage in the eye.
  • Henry Gilbert
    • Some women don't want to be known they are women on a forum. They just want to be a man as in a slight amount of respect and not be asked to have sex.
    • I didn't understand your cowboy macaroni words.
  • Brett Elston
    • The red ring is one of the biggest fucking injustices of all time.
    • Dance Masters has no contraruru.
    • They played Baker's Street all the time at Toys R Us.

Question of the Week: What's a code or password you've never forgotten?

  • Brett: Donkey Kong Country; Mortal Kombat for Genesis; Out of this World; Mike Tyson's Punch Out; Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee
  • Chris: Sonic the Hedgehog; Bubble Bobble; Mega Man 2
  • Henry: Super Mario Bros. 3; The Legend of Zelda
  • Mikel: 8 Eyes; Colossal Cave Adventure

Link: Episode 133

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