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Date: December 3rd, 2010

Length: 3:17:04

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel, and Tyler

Special Guest(s):

Intro: Naked Gun

Closing Words: Brett: "Imagine if your butt was full of teeth and looked like that"

Closing Song: D!tto - Epiculous (Epic Mickey remix)

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • Brett got more drunk than ever before
  • Brett debuts a new Zelda tattoo on audio

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • You have Dicklomatic Immunity Tyler Wilde.
    • There's something in my ass.
    • I walked really uncomfortably. I thought I was doing it wrong, so I inserted it into my butthole.
    • That's not an accent. Are you doing a Helen Keller?
    • I had no idea that many things were connected to the asshole.
    • Malaysian, Indonesian? Send me your sauce, I will put it on my Chic-Fil-A sandwich.
    • What Nationality is Sam Worthington? I thought he was alien.
    • Looks like Benito and Carlos and the Mencias are coming after you.
    • How dare you make my joke less funny with facts.
    • Welsh, the dimple on the map next to Hogwarts.
    • Sneezing why is that connected to my butthole?
    • A glorious simplication of a thoussand years of history. (deus ex)
    • Pepe LeRape
    • My play-doh factory is all fucked.
    • Pooping out a trapezoid log.
    • My asshole is squinting into the Northern Sun.
    • It was that one parody Weird Al did that was reflected of the times.
    • Platnium Games? More like Pyrite.
    • Tyler is crazy 8's. That's all we gave him to review this year.
    • Jason Staham, I'll go to eleaborate lengths to solve simple problems.
    • I was late for a meeting and I throw a bomb at the center of the earth to spend my watch back.
    • Get the meletov cocktails and drink together. lol jk brb.
    • You converted to Judaism, you don't get anymore Christmas presents Mister.
    • iPhone porn is fantastic when your girlfriend knows and uses your PC.
    • You need guy kill? I carry phone.
    • If you get burned by a volcano at a science fair, it is probably baking soda.
    • If you want to know what Santa Claus looks like without a beard, that is my mother.
    • This cunty dog was cunting around and got the shitter.
    • I was the cunt of the shitter.
    • Pause to empty your erection.
    • (2:28:00) "You talk like you're hiding in an air conditioner from an alien that's going to eat you until you've had three beers"
    • (2:29:00)"Will you fix your fuckin' Justin Bieber hair enough to get your headphones on?"
    • We both throw our legs behind our head, held by our necks, and cum together right between the spot..
    • She looks just like you with longer hair and smaller tits. (Tyler's mom)
    • You can't hire Anthony Anderson to sweep the deck of the unicron.
    • I would love to see award winning podcast on m obituary.
    • Okay, who unleashed Dracula?
    • KMFDM They are the Banana splits.
  • Tyler Wilde
    • Parallel is the hardest word for the Japanese.
    • I could have ejaculated 2 hours ago.
    • (Chris) Your mom was a ugly creole women.
    • Chris wanted me to look in his asshole.
  • Brett Elston
    • (Heavy Rain) 10, 12 year old boys?
    • Chris Antista " Sound 18 to me."
    • My wife is not Rogue. I mean my sister.
    • Wasteland is Utah. Not all of Utah.
    • 8 fucking toppings? That's fucking chaos.
    • This is the Arkham Asylum for Disney.
    • You can nosefuck a butt.
  • Mikel Reparaz
    • It feels like I'm in a fantasy world where Americans give cars as presents.
    • The same digital music in the 20's?
    • Home would you like to buy a room for $9 where you can sit alone?
    • Chris "You on fire"
    • Mikel "Just like the people in Waco."
    • I saw MegaMind. It was okay.
    • Dracular
    • Jason Statham I choose you.

Question of the Week: What's your favorite game shirt?

  • Brett - Street Fighter
  • Tyler - Shirt with Nintendo cartridge that says "blow me"
  • Chris - Katamari
  • Tyler - Fallout New Vegas

Break Music After Top 7 (around 53:23) is from World 4-1 of Super Mario Land for Nintendo GameBoy

Link: Episode 130

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