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Date: August 27th, 2010

Length: 3:12:04

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel.

Special Guest(s): Paul Ryan

Intro: Invader Zim - Game Slave 2

Closing Words: Chris: "In the name of Samus, let's roll."

Closing Song: The Wingless - All The World In One Girl

Content Covered:

  • Top 7 Best Summer launches
  • Metroid: Other M Super Review
  • Mafia II
  • Paul Ryan reads lines by readers
  • Paul Ryan reads erotic fan-fiction
  • Discussion on Used Games and Piracy

Notable Facts:

  • Dan Amrich made every single action figure and toy on Brett's desk fuck each other while Brett was on vacation, then took high-res pictures of them, and emailed the pictures to Brett. [1]
  • Chris Antista wants TalkRadar flavoured cigarettes more than TalkRadar flavoured beer.
  • Mikel banged his knee on the table. [00:13:27] It hurt pretty badly, and he vowed to "never do that again; that was really dumb." [00:13:52] Unfortunately for Mikel, the same thing happened in Episode 135.

Funny Stories and Quotes

  • Chris Antista
    • 1989 was like 1987. I had no pubic hair, but I was still getting around.
    • Fuck this let's dance Robo Roll.
    • It's like if it was in a Street Fighter background and raped it.
    • I don't want to sound gross or gay, but maple semen sounds delicious right now.
    • Let the gay people fuck. I mean love.
    • (his mom) No sir, she's a fat cunt from the Midwest.
    • If TalkRadar is the number 1 rated videogame podcast on iTunes I will get a Mega Man tatoo crucified on a cross. Provided we reach that in the end of 2010.
    • We were late getting in here, because Mikel were doing the work of men, making Mike Grimm's Hot Wheels fuck each other
    • Chris jerked off at a church fair to his action figures that were fucking each other. Chris claims he was 11-12 years old. Brett thinks otherwise.
    • We are not TakeRadar
    • You had your white pristine dick out. The natives were worshipping it.
    • Are you in the pocket of OG Readmore?
    • Mikel making Mike Grimm's Hot Wheels fuck each other.
    • We're adults Elston. We have every right in the office to make your toys fuck.
    • I jerk off to myself making animals fuck at a church fair.
    • A raging erection sitting in the kiddie pool like a stalagmite.
    • This hard on won't take care of itself dad.
    • Gay people are going to exist.
  • Brett Elston
    • I just watch you guys read, and jerk off
    • I don't like to watch people making toys fuck because It's like raping a boy
    • I don't want MY toys fucking
    • If we were sponsored by Oskar Blues we would only be on the air for another 4 weeks.
    • The other M is Malkovich.
    • What the fuck is a BBS?
      • Mikel "You don't want to know."
  • Mikel Reparaz
    • I have seen Chris Antista's ass. I would not fuck an ass that is that hairy.
    • I don't want fat marriage in this state.
    • Was Penis Number 5 a song by Lou Bega?
    • (Mafia II soundtrack) Has a lot of annoying 1950's white jazz.
  • Paul Ryan
    • "How did people know I was here?"
    • Put your foot by my foot when you foot me foot by foot.
    • My penis is an explosion of love and assholes and can fly up to 30 feet using only my ejaculation
    • Fuck me in the balls while sucking my shit
    • I masturbated to a video of me being birthed
    • Don't Put hotsauce on your penis. Put hotsauce on my penis.
    • Rape my face then my butt.

Question of the Week: What game in a series do you consider an oddball entry?

  • Chris Antista - Prince of Persia Warrior Within
  • Brett Elston - F-Zero GBA, Ace Combat 3
  • Mikel Reparaz GTA Chinatown Wars
  • Paul Ryan Zelda II, Ultima IX
    • Last QOTW for Ryan Neverwinter Nights

Link: Episode 116

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