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Date: June 11th, 2010

Length: 3:14:12

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel, and Henry.

Special Guest(s): None

Intro: Never Say Never Again

Closing Words: Chris: "Green Day Rock Band, this is Hitchin' a ride."

Closing Song: Green Day - Hitchin a Ride

Content Covered:

  • Top 7 games we want announced at E3 2010
  • Henry's GameStop pet peeves, one incident related to a store in Berkley,CA. [3:02:36]
  • The stupid shit of Apple fanboyism and At&t phone service
  • Castlevania Wife whip

Notable Facts:

  • Brett is only willing to buy a game Used if it was for a console made before 1999. (Saturn, NES, SNES, Dreamcast, etc.) [3:06:28]
  • Henry Gilbert defense of Aquaman as a videogame for DC.
  • Biff McAryan and Trevor Whiterson

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • That's how I jerk off. Like cleaning an English chimney.
    • We are heading off to Mexico for E Tres.
    • I took Spanish for 3 years, don't expect me to know anything.
    • We're in a real shitpickle now.
    • Biff McAryan.
    • Most of the hip hop songs are about how straight you are.
    • How would you like a permanent collection of Hanes socks to wipe up.
    • The Grinch Stole Christmas. Ron Howard and Jim Carrey should die for being in that movie.
    • We can be the publisher of our own version of public domain books and say fart boner and didn't like it.
    • I don't want to play Sid Meier's version.
    • Wet is just below prime and right above filth.
    • Gears of War 3 shitted confetti in my face.
    • You can paint an elephant with your dick. (Kinect)
    • Some used bookstore that only sold Dreamworks novelizations That's what Gamestop is.
      • Mikel "I want to open that store."
    • Hit the celing. (Getting sponsored for his masturbation skills
  • Brett Elston
    • In a post GTA IV, Mass Effect world, and 9/11..
    • The best looking Wii game is like the biggest crap you ever took.
  • Mikel Reparaz
  • Henry Gilbert
    • Ken Levine took time off to make Bioshock 3.
    • We are California liberals so we hate capitalism.

Question of the Week: What are you looking forward to the most for E3?

  • Chris: Crackdown 2; InFamous 2; Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood; Epic Mickey; Gears of War 3; Bungie's next game; Insomniac's next game
  • Brett: 3DS; New Zelda; Last Guardian; Castlevania: Lords of Shadow; New Sly Cooper
  • Mikel: Last Guardian; Batman "Arkham Asylum 2" (Arkham City); Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood; The Sony Press Conference
  • Henry: Itagaki's next game; The Nintendo press conference

Link: Episode 105

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