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An artist's representation of the Duke.

Lord Duke "The Baron" Lombardi is a special guest that has appeared on TalkRadar. He specializes in "revooing" "E" rated games such as Animal Crossing.

His first appearance on the Podcast was on TalkRadar 15. Despite his long and famous on TalkRadar, Duke Lombardi has only reviewed 4 games for GamesRadar, which are Animal Crossing (TalkRadar 15), Nintendogs (TalkRadar 18), Wii Music (TalkRadar 24), and Just Dance (TalkRadar 100).

Duke has also appeared on Episode 41 for naming upcoming Nintendo titles and on TalkRadar 87 for videogame sex positions.

Facts about The Duke

  • Has a Brooklyn accent, despite being from Chicago
  • Was a chocoholic for a monththumb|300px|right|The Duke's first official apperance.
  • Wears glass pants
  • His rating system is based on a arbitrary number of hats or heads, but he can (and will) exceed his own maximum rating of 5 and give out, for example, an 8 out of 5 smiles
  • His theme music is Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street", recorded in 1978
  • He sweats profusely, so he has a towel for dabbing.
  • He might have had his nose handed to him by Brett
  • His favorite game is "fuggin' Anemal Crawsing"
  • Has several chins
  • Is Doug Lombardi's long lost (read: didn't know he existed) brother
  • Had a real dog named Eisenhower that died, and a virtual dog in Nintendogs named Sh!tforbrains, which also died.
  • Cannot own pets in Chicago until 2015 because of an asshole of a judge for some court case in the past. Apparently, Duke (somehow) accidentally managed to cook and eat Eisenhower, or some nonsense along those lines.
  • Considers Islam the best religion.
  • Christianity makes his tummy hurt.
  • Wants you to pray to Allah, douchebag!
  • Had a divorce around the time of reviewing Nintendogs
  • Made Shigeru Miyamoto his daughter's Godfather
  • Has a disability for extreme obesity
  • His junk has managed to repeatedly recover from the "shreddening" it goes through every time his glass pants break
  • Did a few unclear "favors" for the mafia
  • His father lives in a retirement home, and is practically a walking corpse
  • Gave Just Dance 12 and 17 hats out of 17
  • Is revealed in TalkRadar 107 that he is in fact, voiced by Stan Lee


First words

  • Oh my god. Remember that one month I was a chocoholic. That was the worst point of my life. [13:47-13:52] Episode 13

Christmas Special '08

  • You don't convert cranberry sauce to shit. It gets turned into urination
  • Animal Crossing, it's not meant to drive a DeLorean through.
  • I give it 19 out of 14 hats.

Artist Depictions of Duke Lombardi

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